Hackers Creek Pioneer Descendants
Historic Photos of Central West Virginia
HCPD has several large collections of photographs. As time and space allow, we will be adding them to the website.  Each photo will be numbered.  If you can help with the identities of individuals or locations, please contact our webmaster. 
Archie Ellis Photographs
  • Archie Ellis Photographs - Archie Ellis was a Lewis County photographer who recorded life in, around, and about Lewis County for five decades. In the late 1990s his widow gave the collection of his negatives and some photographs to the Lewis County High School History Department. HCPD worked with the department to insure that these images were preserved in a safe and secure manner. Some of the negatives were glass, some were on nitrates, and some were modern film. Most of the less stable negatives were stablized and copied by the West Virginia State Archives with copies placed in their files. The glass negatives were printed and digitzed through a grant from the Bill and Joan Peters Foundation. Most of the collection is now stored in one form or another at the HCPD Library. One of the problems with the collection is the lack of identification on many of the images. This is particularly true of the people pictures, but even some of the places cannot be identified by researchers at the library. Hence, as time and space permit, images are being placed here with the hope that internet viewers will be able to give us details about each picture. Won't you help us? One more thing, please click on the small images and you will get bigger images with some identifiers.
  • These photos are of early events in the life of our organization.  We hope you enjoy viewing them as much as we enjoyed ourselves when they were taken.  Most are from the 1980s. 
HCPD Library Renovation
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  • The Jason Smith family contributed a number of images for the special section in our gallery.  
  • HCPD Charter member David Boggs, son of the Reverand William Garnet Boggs who pastored Stonecoal Methodist Church for about 20 years, contributed many of the images of Stonecoal Methodist Church from 1950. 
  • We are searching for other images of Central West Virginia Schools to add to this album.
Towns & Communities
  • Roanoke is an unicorporated community in Lewis County, West Virginia.  Most of the original town is located under 60 feet of Stonewall Jackson Lake's water.  Most of the photos in this collect were taken by residents displaced by the building of the lake and adjacent state park.  Anyone having photographs that they would like to add to this collection may submit them to the webmaster. 
Can You Identify?