Finding Aids for the HCPD Library


Card Catalogs -  The card catalog is the primary resource for finding things in any library.  HCPD is no exception. We have two different catalogs  The hardcopy on index cards and the computerized catalog.  There is also a Books Lists (location: On  the computer in the Library under “GUEST” in EXCEL  format). However, we highly recommend our computerized card catalog for the most thorough search of what we have available. For those reading this on the internet, the card catalog is on the page where you found this document. Use the back arrow from this window and you will be there. If you are at the library, ask the volunteer for assistance in using this catalog.
Photo Catalog -  The photo catalog is located in the “Filer” folder on the computer.  Ask volunteer for assistance in using this file.  We have also printed a portion of the file.  That catalog is available in the “Photo” section of the library.  Photos are located “on the stage” and will be accessed for you by the library volunteer.  Additionally, there are some thousand or more photographs which have not yet been cataloged and are not yet available for use.
Don Norman Files -  More than 700 family histories have been compiled by HCPDer Don Norman and are on the computers in the library stacks area.  An index to the families in these files is in a notebook beside these computers.
Computer Files -  More than 500,000 names with dates and places can be found in various files on the computer in the library stacks area.  These files are accessed using “Brother’s Keeper” and “Family Tree Maker” programs.  An index of all surnames available in these files is in two 4-inch notebook on the shelves by these computers.
Manuscript Collections -  The index for these collections is in the “Filer” Folder on the library computers.  Ask for assistance if you want to access the collection.
Map Collection -  HCPD has nearly 200 maps in its collection.  An index to the maps is available.  Ask for assistance to use the maps.
Microfilm & Microfiche Collection -  Our film and fiche collection continues to grow.  We have a reader-printer available for use.  We have the IGI files from the Mormon church on fiche and numerous census records that we do NOT have in hard copy.  We are also able to order microfilm from several places on Interlibrary Loan.  Our film and fiche collections and readers are in the reading room at the back of the building.  .
County Court Records -  We are the repository for more than 200 books of Lewis County Court records.  These are in the large reading room.  If you are not familiar with using court records, please ask for assistance.
Rare Book Collection - Our rare book collection is available to the public upon request. These books, as well as the school and college section, are a part of the "Library List".  "RB" denotes Rare Books and "SC" is the designation for Hich School and College section of the list.