Hacker's Creek Journal

The voice of the society is the Hacker's Creek Journal. Published four times a year and indexed by volume, the Journal contains family histories, public records of all types, cemetery listings, queries, etc. Our Table of Contents for all volumes through June 2005 shows the broad scope of the publication that earned it the American Association for State and Local History Merit Award in 1994. Each volume contains at least two hundred pages and back issues are available.

Although the membership year is October 1-September 30, i.e., October 1, 2011 - September 30, 2012, quarterlies for the year are somewhat later. They are mailed as nearly as possible on the following schedule:

  • Issue 1 - February or March
  • Issue 2 - Late May
  • Issue 3 - Late August
  • Issue 4 - December

The society supports the sharing of genealogical and historical information. Therefore, submission of original unpublished manuscripts and queries by members for inclusion in The Journal is encouraged. While there are no direct financial benefits for submissions, long term benefits include connections with other family members who might not otherwise have known of your research. Selection of articles for publication are at the discretion of the editorial committee. Submission of articles and queries for each issue: Issue 1 - by January 1; Issue 2 - by April 1; Issue 3 - by June 15; Issue 4 - by October 1.