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All are invited to attend the dedication of the new American Revolution War marker for Paulser Butcher on Saturday May 13, 2017 in the Butcherville Cemetery at 11:00 am.  Both Paulser and Elizabeth Bush Butcher are buried in Butcherville Cemetery, Lewis County, WV.  The original sandstone grave marker may have read "Born 1748  Paulser was a spy for group of Rangers Company commanded by Capt. James  Booth in 1777-78 during the Revolutionary War". (Sources: WV petition  #10/43 Widow's declaration, dated Dec. 17, 1834, Elizabeth received  $104.00 from her husband's service). Most researchers have, through the years, accepted Paulser's birth year as 1748.  It is said that year was on his original gravestone which eroded away and was replaced by a funeral home in Weston, WV with a stone having a plaque embedded in it with the years 1748-1829.  Also, it is said the original stone noted he was born in Surry, England.  This may have come about as a military record of one, Daniel BUTCHER, a purported brother of Paulser, (Not a brother) as recorded by GWATHENY in his, Historical Register of Virginians in the Revolution which states on page 116:  'Daniel BUTCHER  b-1759, Surrey, England, enlisted at Chesterfield Courthouse, Chesterfield County, VA, Sept. 23, 1780 age 21 years.'
Actually our set of Butchers came from Germany as documented by Betty Butcher Topp in the following article.
"Georg Metzger, Notes for Georg Valentin Metzger: on Ancestry.com ' "Pennsylvanian auswanderer aus dem Oberamt Ottweiler" = Pennsylvania Immigrants from the area of Ottweiler.  The following article was in the Saarbrucken Zeitung, Friday December 8, 1972 - newspaper March, 2006. "21 March 1749 Georg Valentin Metzger of Niederlinxweiler, wife two children (30fl). Many families were listed in this article as leaving from 11 March to 25 April 1749. “They all left in the spring not to return...the mostly sailed from Totterdam and arrived in the New World in September of October." ‘notes translated by Suzanne B. Badenhop [ahcsbb@@uky.edu]  George  Valetine Metzer sued Nicholas Bunderick in Frederick County Maryland court.  Butcher Block Volume 12 March 1995 “The wife of Georg Valentin Metzger/Butcher was Maria Elisabetha Keippert, born c. 1720.  They married 6 December 1739 Niederlinxweiler, Germany.  She was the daughter of Johann Wilhelm Keippert b-1688 and Anna Catharina Lepper.  Johann Wilhelm was buried 2 January 1742 at Niederlinxweiler in his 54th year.  He was listed as 53 years old and poor in 1741.  In 1731, he was listed as having three children, (one son and two daughters) and five people in the household.  From that information it would seem there were two daughters and that makes a total of five people in 1731.  By 1731, the oldest daughter had died and the other son and daughter were still living at home making it four people in the household."  There is no record of George's move to Augusta County, VA from Frederick County, Maryland, but it may have been as early as 1754.  In February 1757, he bought items at John Vinegard's estates sale in February 1759 as "Valentine Butcher". In December 1758 "Valentine Mitsker" was a witness to John Colly's will. "Valentine Butcher" bought items at Jacob Silver's estate sale in August 1761 and in February 1762, Valentine Butcher posted bail for John Archenbright in Augusta County Court.  He died in the winter 1772/73 in Pendleton County, Virginia. He begin using the English "Butcher" ca 1759.  In the German language(s), the occupation of a butcher is known by the name schlachter, fleischer, and Metzger; than when these names were Angeliced, they became slaughter, flesher, and Metzger.  Metzger was usually spelled correctly by literate Germans such as Ministers but when they were pronounced with a thick German accent and then interpreted by semi-literate, it would get distorted.  Spelling phonetically Metzger was written - Matzger, Mitsker, Matcher, Medsker, Mischaries, Mitchaw, and Mitchkar, all of which have been found on records."  The most convincing evidence seems to be that the name transition is found after 1775.  source: Metzger family history http://home.comcast.net/~toppline/butcher.htm
Paulser was born Balthsar Metzger  in Frederick, Maryland on Jan 26, 1753 to Georg Valentin Metzger and Anna Mary Elisabatha Kieppert.
'At the Frederick Evangelical Lutheran Church, Frederick, MD  in 1753, George Valentin had a son named BALTHASAR, born Jan. 26, baptized March 27.  The sponsors were, "the single daughter Maria Elisabeth FAUTIN and Balthasar BACH."  This son, Balthasar METZGER, is in actuality Paulser Butcher.  Balsar and Paulser were nicknames for the more formal Balthasar, in German b's and p's have the same pronunciation.  For those who may still have doubts. “David Armstrong has documented that Balsar FLESHER of Harrison/Lewis county (W)VA was occasionally recorded as Balthasar.  He has also documented Paulser being referred to as "Balsar  BUTCHER.
Paulser married Elizabeth Bush, daughter of George Adam Bush in1773, who lived near Ft. Seybert, not far from the Butchers.  Here Paulser lived to as late as 1780 as he was living in the area of the South Branch when John Sleeth brought his wife Anna to stay with Paulser while he joined the Continental Army. (Source: An article by David Armstrong that appeared in Vol XIII issue 2 pg 94 of "The Hacker's Creek Journal".)
Paulser and Elizabeth were the parents of thirteen children.
Revolutionary War - The National Society Headquarters' Book, "DAR Patriot Index, 1966, p. 106 lists as follows: "BUTCHER Paulser b.1747 d. 1829 m Elizabeth Bush Pvt. Virginia  Lewis County."
   "Balthsar served in the military in Lord Dunmore's War.  Dunmore's war was a conflict between the Colony of Virginia and the Native Americans of the Ohio Valley.  Following increased raids and attacks on the frontiersman in this region, the Royal Governor of Virginia, Lord Dunmore's organized a large force of militia and marched to Fort Pitt arriving at the end of August 1774.  Dunmore's also ordered Colonel Andrew Lewis, commander of the southwestern Virginia militia, to raise an army in the south and meet Dunmore along the Ohio River.  Lewis formed militia companies from Augusta, Bedford, Botetourt, Culpepper, Dunmore, Fincastle, and Kentucky counties.  After Colonel Lewis victory at the battle of Pt. Pleasant, Dunmore successfully negotiated a peace treaty with the Delaware, Mingo and Shawnee chiefs that prevented them from settling or hunting south of the Ohio River"
(1)  The 1774 payroll list of Captain William Lowther for the 1774 Lord Dunmore's War which culminated in the Battle of Point Pleasant on October 10, 1774.  The unit appears to be composed of men drawn from the area that would become Harrison County. "Paul Butcher, 132 days service Paulser Butcher obtained patent in 1804 for land on West Fork”.
(2)  Balthasar Metzger/Paulser Butcher also was a spy for a group Rangers Company commanded by Capt. James Booth in 1777-78 during the Revolutionary War. Sources: West Virginia petition #1043 Widow's declaration, dated December 17, 1834, Elizabeth received $104.00 from her husband's service in the war.
After the dedication there will be a meal served by the Hacker's Creek Genealogy/History Library. The library is located in the old Horner Grade School, at 45 Abbott's Drive, Horner,WV 26372-0056. The meal will consist of a pork bar-b-que sandwich, baked beans, cole slaw and chips, homemade desserts and drink (coffee, ice tea or water).   The library has an air-condition eating area. After lunch the library will be open so you can view or do some research if you so choose. Volunteers will be available to help.  The cost of lunch will be $10.00 each adult and $4.00 per child (6-12). We MUST know in advance if you are attending, advanced payment would be appreciated to Larry Butcher 803 Dewey Avenue St. Mary’s, West Virginia 26170.
Questions please contact Larry Butcher
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