Citizens from Lewis County, West Virginia, Who Served in World War II

More than 1600 Lewis County citizens served in all branches of the military during World War II. These persons where chronicled in two volumes titled Lewis Countians in World War II that were compiled and published by the Weston Independent in the 1940s. These books contain pictures of each person and other information such as names of parents and spouses, the branch of service and occupation in the service, rank, and sometimes the place of basic training.

HCPD member Nettie Gregory compiled this alphabetical list of these persons for your use. Further information on each individual is available at the Central West Virginia Genealogy and History Library (HCPD), 45 Abbotts Run Rd, Horner, WV 26372. E-mail queries regarding these entries will be answered by library staff on an "as time permits" basis. 

Ables, Charles Burton
Ables, Emwood Calvin
Ables, Glen Walter
Ables, James Perry
Ables, John Perry
Ables, John Henry Davis
Ables, Ola Lee
Ables, Robert
Ables, Thomas M.
Ables, Thomas William
Ables, Vincent
Adams, Robert Lee
Albaugh, Cornelius C. Jr.
Alderman, Kemp Jr.
Alfred, George William
Alfred, Harry C.
Alfred, Harold Clayton
Alfred, Herman Argil
Alfred, Kenneth James
Alfred, Phillip Charles
Alfred, Thomas Jefferson
Alkire, Jacob Deleaux
Alkire, Joseph B.
Alkire, Ray Benson
Alkire, Raymond A.
Allen, Oscar Doy
Allman, Archie L.
Allman, Clyde B.
Allman, Dwight L.
Allman, Earl Morrison
Allman, Harmon
Allman, Harry C.
Allman, Harry Clifford
Allman, Herman
Allman, James Perry
Allman, John Kimmel
Allman, Merville H.
Allman, Milton Bush
Allman, Richard N.
Allman, Robert Day
Allman, Robert Lee
Allman, Robert Wayne
Allman, Slater
Allman, Virgil Harvey
Aman, Harry W.
Aman, John Lawrence
Aman, Joseph Bernard
Amen, William R.
Amos, Audie John
Anderson, Arlington c.
Angotti, Frank Joseph
Angotti, Michael Battista
Arbogast, George Ignas
Arbogast, Herman Hall
Arbogast, Matthew J.
Arbogast, Ted
Arkle, Charles H.
Armstrong, Howard Paul
Arnett, Leonard G.
Arnold, Albert
Arnold, Austin James
Arthur, Thomas Eugene
Ash, Truman W.
Ash, William E.
Aspinall, Clarence Malden
Atchison, George Jacob
Atkins, Charles W.
Atkins, Ransel Paul
Atkinson, Edward William
Atkinson, James D.
Ault, Norval D.
Aylor, Raymond Roy
Bacorn, Charles William
Bacorn, Dewey E.
Bacorn, robert Sprigg
Bagley, Laurel Jerome
Bagwell, Ernest L.
Bailey, Ancil Lewis
Bailey, Charles Benjamin
Bailey, Charles Howard
Bailey, Eugene c.
Bailey, George Osta,  Jr.
Bailey, Harold Eugene
Bailey, James Earl
Bailey, James Edward
Bailey, James Lewis
Bailey, James L.
Bailey, James Kemper
Bailey, John C.
Bailey, John Ralph
Bailey, Minter John
Bailey, Orvil Robert
Bailey, Richard Bont Euritt
Bailey, Richard E.
Bailey, Robert Blair
Bailey, Samuel W.
Bailey, William James
Baiwir, Paul Leopold
Baker, Billy P.
Baker, Raymond W.
Baker, Teddy B.
Baker,  Edward T.
Ball, James Andrew
Ballard, Otha Ray
Ballard, William L.
Bancroft, Allen S.
Bandy, Gorden Glen
Barbarow, Clifford A.
Bargerhuff, Aubrey James
Bargerhuff, Clarence Allen
Barnett, Harry Virgil
Barnett, Dale L.
Barnett, Gilbert T.
Barnett, Kenneth G.
Barnett, William P.
Barnhart, Marvin Eugene
Barnhouse, John Franklin
Barrett, Charles Edward
Barton, Charles L.
Barton, Charles Warder
Bateman, Francis Joseph
Bateman, Harold James
Batten, Alfred Gilbert
Batton, Paul R.
Batton, Wade T.
Baughman, Arvel S.
Baxter, Nell Lawson
Beach, Chester Howard
Beachler, Kenneth Cure
Beachler, Raymond Roscoe
Beam, Ralph
Bean, Bernard Harold
Bean, Hansel Artemis
Bean, James Curtis
Bean, John Irvin
Bean, Raymond Glenn
Beckner,  Lambert E.
Beeghley, Leonard
Beeson, forrest Junior
Beeson, Robert Willard
Bell, Clarence Wesley
Bell, Virgil royce
Benedum, Orva J.
Bennett, Bard I.
Bennett, Clarence
Bennett, Charles Adam
Bennett, Charles L.
Bennett, Dana Marlin
Bennett, George Brannon
Bennett, George Calvin
Bennett, Gloy Nathan
Bennett, Hamilton Powers
Bennett, Harry Harlyn
Bennett, Homer Lee
Bennett, Joseph Hugh
Bennett, Kenneth Lee
Bennett, Paul Peck
Bennett, Ray Benson
Bennett, Rupert G.
Bennett, Stanton Edward
Bennett, Tyrus Hugh
Berkshire, Earl,  Jr.
Berry, Andrew Jackson
Berry, Charles Ephriam
Best, donald Waid
Bice, Lonnie Carl
Bishop, Paul
Bissett, Jack sullivan
Blair, Andrew Lane
Blair, Harold Lee
Blair, Lewis Alton
Blair, Robert Cowan,  Jr.
Blake, Alfred Leonard
Blake, Arden Grant
Blake, Chester Grant
Blake, Clifford Arthur
Blake, Dana Stanton
Blake, Bayles
Blake, Charles D.
Blake, Delis William
Blake, Donald Scott
Blake, Doyle
Blake, Edward James
Blake, Harold Junior
Blake, Hilary Stanton
Blake, Howard William
Blake, James Forest
Blake, Mark Clio
Blake, Matthew Benjamin
Blake, Virgil Vincent
Bland, Charles Newton
Bland, George L.
Bland, Robert Linn Jr.
Bland, Ruskin
Bland, Theodric E.
Bleigh, Ballard C.
Bleigh, Eliza 
Bleigh, Samuel S.
Bleigh, William D.
Blosser, Carl Franklin
Bock, Andrew
Bock, Andrew D.
Bodkin, Willard Lawrence
BoggsBoyd Andrew
Boggs, Edward George
Boggs, Freddie Denzil
Boggs, Gaylord Warren
Boggs, Kyle B.
Boilon, Charles Howard
Boilon, Harold Clay
Bollinger, Eddie Anderson
Bond, George Orton
Bonnell, Joseph Cure
Bonnell, Martin Alonzo Jr.
Bonnell, Robert E.
Bonnett, Charles Amos
Bonnett, Henry A.
Bonnett, Ira W.
Bonnett, james Buster
Bonnett, Robert E.
Bonnett, Roy E.
Bonnett, Russell
Bonnett, William Edward
Boram, Cecil Emerson
Boram, James Robert
Boram, Robert Lee
Borchert, Clarence Lee
Bosley, Frank H.
Bosley, William Carter
Boso, Fred M.
Bovlombases,  Sotirous George
Bowen, Forest Harold
Boyle, Joseph Bernard
Boyle, Robert William
Boylen, Harold K.
Brady, John Jr.
Bragg, George K.
Bragg, Henry Thomas
Bragg, James W.
Bragg, John William
Bragg, Ralph Hill
Bragg, Robert Woodrow
Brannon, Edward A. Jr.
Brewster, Robert Cowey
Brewster, James Henry Jr.
Brewster, John M.
Brewster, William K.
Bright, Homer Lee
Brinkley, Charles B.
Brookover, Robert Burl
Brown, Arnett W. Jr.
Brown, Augustine
Brown, Charles L.
Brown, Charles Richard
Brown, Claude W.
Brown, Douglas Grant
Brown, Ferrell B.
Brown, Flavius Eugene
Brown, Francis E.
Brown, Freeman Goff
Brown, Glenn Life
Brown, Herbert Ray
Brown, John Edgar
Brown, Lorence Francis
Brown, Norvel William
Brown, Paul
Brown, Raymond Newton
Brown, Robert Roy
Brown, Roscoe Jr.
Brown, Vance
Brown, William Joseph
BruffyJoel Horner
Brumley, Ernest William
BryanWilliam J. Jr.
Bryan, David H.
Bryan, Robert L.
Buch, Ivan D.
Buchanan, Joe Wesley
Buchanan, Noel Charles
Burke, Opha Morrison
Burkhammer, Claud
Burkhammer, Audra
Burkhammer, Earl Jr.
Burkhammer, Eugene Francis
Burkhammer, Eugene Ward
Burkhammer, Francis M.
Burkhammer, Franklin Calip
Burkhammer, Glenn
Burkhammer, Harley
Burkhammer, Harley F.
Burkhammer, Hayward
Burkhammer, Henry Virgil
Burkhammer, Hugh Andrew
Burkhammer, Kenneth
Burkhammer, Ottie Allen
Burkhammer, Richard L.
Burkhammer, Roy C.
Burkhammer, Wayne G.
Burkhammer, Willard
BurkhartWilliam Jr.
Burley, Robert E.
Burnside, Charles Richard
Burnside, Donzil Shirley
Burnside, James William
Burnside, John D.
Burnside, Leslie Warner
Burnside, Robert Ishmael
Burnside, William Edward
Burr, Claude William
Burr, Cyrus Richard
Burr, Harry L.
Burr, Kenny L.
Burroughs, Paul C.
Burroughs, Robert Lee
Burroughs, William Henry
Burrows, Henry
Burrows, Robert L.
Bush, Albert Kessler
Bush, Dan Snider
Bush, Floyd Clifton
Bush, Frank
Bush, James Napoleon
Bush, Silas Henry
ButcherWilliam Hayward
Butcher, Archie W.
Butcher, Charles Hawyard
Butcher, Charles Thomas
Butcher, Clarence Mark
Butcher, Clyde 
Butcher, Delbert Clyde
Butcher, General Lee
Butcher, Herbert Darrell
Butcher, Herman Jr.
Butcher, Homer J.
Butcher, James Willard
Butcher, John E.
Butcher, John Wesley
Butcher, Joseph Earl
Butcher, Kenneth B.
Butcher, Lee James
Butcher, Lee L.
Butcher, Linn Thomas
Butcher, Paul Trellan Jr.
Butcher, Robert Glen
Butcher, Russell Hall
Butcher, Samuel
Butcher, Shirley
Butcher, Shirley Francis
Butcher, Teddy Eugene
Butcher, William Kent
Butcher, William M.
Byrd, Eugene Dempsey
Byrd, John Thomas
Byrd, Jesse
Byrd, John W.
Byrd, Louie Dennis
Byrd, Wallace
Byres, Burton H.
Byres, Jack P.
Cain, Jack Tremaine
Cain, Lemuel R.
Cain, Richard Lee
Cain, Robert Harold
Cain, Tracy Matthew Jr.
Caine, Charles E.
Call, James Russell
Callicon, Harry R.
Campbell, Delaine Arlington
Campbell, Ira J. Jr.
Campbell, John Robert
Carden, John Dana
Carder, Dareld D.
Carder, Drexell Blaine
Carney, John K.
Carney, Joseph Thomas
Carney, Robert E.
Carpenter, Arthur D.
Carpenter, Harry K.
Carpino, Americo Francis
Carroll, Eugene T.
Carroll, George Richard
Carroll, John Jr.
Carroll, Paul Eugene
Carroll, Ray Ackerman
Carroll, Robert E.
Carroll, Samuel B.
Carroll, Victor
Carroll, Vincent Golder
Carson, James Franklin
Carter, Stacy Jr.
Carter, Wesley
Casey, James B.
Casey, John F.
Casey, Robert Earl
Casey, Stephen B.
Casey, Virginia T.
Casto, Clifton
Casto, James R.
Casto, John Lane
Casto, Ralph Richard
Casto, Willard
Casto, William A.
Cather, Howard C.
Caudy, Simon Frank
Caudy, William E.
Cawthon, Earl Royce
Cawthon, John H.
Cawthon, Paul Joseph
Cawthon, Robert Florent
Caynor, Willard Erwin
Cayton, Charles W.
Cayton, Edward H.
Cayton, Herbert S.
Cayton, Holland James
Cecil, Jackson Marion
Chalfant, Glenn Victor
Chamberlain, Oren Van Tuyl
Chapman, Charles R.
Chapman, Daniel Henry
Chapman, Edgar Lee
Chapman, Ganes T.
Chapman, Lawrence M.
Chenoweth, Francis Elliott
Cheuvront, Edward Allen
Chittum, Frederick William
Chittum, Fred
Chittum, James Arthur Jr.
Clark, Alvin Clyde
Clark, Arthur Dale
Clark, Bertis Oldam
Clark, Edward L. H.
Clark, Ernest Burrell
Clark, James Edward
Clark, Joseph H.
Clark, Lyman Austin
Clark, Thomas Gideon
Claypole, Orval Robert
Claypool, Garrett L.
Clem, Darrel
Clem, John Jackson
Clem, Paul Judson
Clem, Ray Moore
Clem, Robert Lee
Clem, William Henry
ClemmRobert E.
Clemm, George W. Jr.
Clifton, Gorton Thorn
Cobb, Millard A.
Cochran, Glen Howard
Cochran, William Richard
Coffield, Ralph Edwin
Coffield, Harry Clifford
Cogar, James Robert
Cogar, Paul Chester
Cogar, Ralph E.
Cogar, Richard R.
Cogar, Thomas Lee
Cogar, Vernon Ray
Cole, Roscoe  Lawrence
Collins, Albert Ray
Collins, Bantz Oren
Collins, Burl L.
Collins, Eugene Edward
Collins, Frederick A.
Collins, Harold
Collins, James Eugene
Collins, Leo Charles
Collins, Ray B.
Collins, Robert Gerald
Collins, Samuel Nathan
Collins, Ward
Colvin, Kenneth Stalnaker
Conley, George W. Jr.
Conley, June Lewis
Conley, Philip Patrick
Conley, Robert F.
Conley, Robert Franklin
Connell, John Bohan Jr.
Conrad, Berton
Conrad, Earl H.
Conti, Anthony
Cool, Argel Leonard
Cool, Harley Lee
Cool, Jimmie
Cooper, Agnes M.
Cooper, Arnold Matthew
Cooper, Marshall Raymond
Cooper, Richard Jackson
Cooper, Robert Charles
Cooper, Robert Lee
Cooper, Rodney Leeland
Cooper, Verlon G.
Cooper, Walter Glen
Copley, James T.
Corathers, Andrew B.
Corathers, Frank Warren
Corathers, John R.
Corathers, John Kenneth
Corathers, William D.
Corbett, Edward J.
Corkrean, John Ervin
Corkrean, John J.
Corrick, James A. Jr.
Cosner, Charles L.
Cosner, Robert L.
Costen, Leste Bernard
Coston, Melvin Abraham
Cotter, Ray B.
Cottrill, Darrel Presley
Cottrill, Edward Calvin
Cottrill, George Gideon
Cottrill, Harry T.
Cottrill, Kenneth C.
Cottrill, Leonard Blair
Cottrill, Roger Wayne
Cottrill, Ross Herron
Cottrill, Wesley B. Jr.
Cotz, Ellis R.
Cotz, Silvio R.
Cowan, Ernest Duke
Cowgar, Wayman Clay
Cox, Edward Earl
Cox, James C. Jr.
Cox, James Thomas
Cox, Joseph Merrells
Cox, Ralph Edward
Cox, Robert Burrows
Cox, Walter Francis
Cox, Wilbur Herman
Craft, Eugene Edward
Craft, Joseph Edmund
Craft, Lawrence Richard
Craft, Thomas V. Jr.
Craig, Franklin L.
Craig, Lawrence Robert
Craig, Louis G.
Craig, Oral L.
Craig, Shirley J.
Craig, Wilford Vaughn
Crawford, Edwin
Crawford, Harley Adam
Crawford, Maurice Wilmer
Crawford, Raymond Glen
Crawford, Robert Elwood
Crawford, Thomas Merrell
Crawford, William Bryan
Crawford, William M.
Crayton, Charles Scott
Crayton, John W.
Crislip, Gene
Crislip, Magus J. W.
Crislip, Opha William
Crislip, Robert
Crites, Daniel L.
Cronin, Richard Joseph
Cross, James corder
Cross, McCuskey Lee
Cross, Therman Howard
Cross, Worthy Arles
Crumit, Bernard William
Crummitt, Robert Wade
Cummings, John James
Cummings, Paul Francis
Cunningham, Clyde Jr.
Cunningham, Harold James
Cunningham, Leon Corbin
Cunningham, Lon Albert
Cunningham, Robert Stephen
Cunningham, Robert Homer
Currence, Byrle Richard
Curry, Elouise Beth
Curtis, Carl Francis
Curtis, Cecil Bennett
Curtis, George W.
Curtis, Glenn C.
Curtis, Harold Clay
Curtis, Harry E.
Curtis, Hurley Arnold
Curtis, Okey H.
Curtis, Rex W.
Curtis, Roddal J.
Custer, Robert Lynn
Cutlip, Eugene Darrell
Cutlip, Robert Lee
Cutlip, William Dale
Cutright, Admiral Dewey
Cutright, Randall Leroy
Danser, Charles Thomas
Danser, George William
Darr, Daniel Jesse
Darr, Jesse Crane
Daugherty, Richard Hampton
Davis, Archie G.
Davis, Charles Franklin
Davis, Charles T.
Davis, Charles Turner
Davis, Clarence Ivory
Davis, Donald C.
Davis, Eugene Olan
Davis, George E. Jr.
Davis, George P.
Davis, Gerald L.
Davis, Harold Ora
Davis, Harland
Davis, James Millard
Davis, John Gerald Jr.
Davis, Leonard M.
Davis, Leonard W.
Davis, Paul
Davis, William Brannon
Davis, William D.
Davisson, Claude Richmond
Davisson, Delbert Harold
Davisson, George A.
Davisson, John Bishop
Davisson, Marion Edward
Davisson, Oscar Ferdinand
Davisson, William Densil
Dawson, James L.
Dawson, Jennings B.
Dawson, Robert E.
Dawson, William T.
Dean, Clarence M.
Dean, James Edward
Debarr, Arnett Junior
Debarr, Raymond Lee
DeGarmo, Frank Aylesworth
DeGarmo, Ralph Edward
DellayRomanus Frank
DemossJasper E.
Dennison, Arphard Glen
Dennison, George Glen
Dennison, Jack Morrison
Dennison, James Dolph
Dennison, Luke
Dennison, Shirley M.
Dennison, William Dovener
Dennison, William Wayford
Dennison, Worley M.
Dennison, Zed Elbert
Detamore, Richard W.
Detamore, Carl Dwight
Detamore, George A.
Detamore, Paul A.
Determan, George Joseph
Dever, George Bailey Jr.
Dilley, Everett Franklin
Dillinger, Karl A.
Dillon, Albert Ralph
Dillon, Charles Leslie
Dillon, Robert Otto
Dobbins, Elwood
Dobson, John Joseph
Dobson, Martin Bernard
Dodge, Leslie W.
Dolan, James L.
Dolan, Warren Calvin
Dolan, William F.
Donahoe, Harry Marlin
Donaldson, Ervin C.
Donaldson, Gerald Victor
Donaldson, Harvey F.
Donelson, Frank Jr.
Dorff, Floyd B.
Douchinsky, Mary
Douglas, Ralph Carl
Doyle, Andrew F.
Doyle, Richard Lee
Doyle, Robert R.
Duncan, Carl F.
Duncan, Charles Everett
Duncan, Ernest Fred
Duncan, Eugene Earl
Duncan, Elmer P.
Duncan, Lawrence
Duncan, Russell Burnell
Duncan, Woodrow M.
Dunham, Charles Randall
Dunham, James Earl
Dunham, Joseph C.
Dutton, William Earl
Duvall, Frederick Francis
Duvall, Myrvle Lee
Duvall, William Clarence
Dye, Charles R.
Eagle, Edward F.
Eagle, Oakey Earl
Eagle, Roy Delbert
Eakin, John Ward Jr.
Eakin, Joseph C.
Eakin, Robert
Eakin,  Ray
Ecker, Charles
Eckes, Arthur Stanley
Eckes, Elmer Post
Eckes, John Orth
Edgar, Worthy Lee
Edwards, Earnie W.
Edwards, Lee Junior
Eisenman, Thomas L.
Elder, Arthur
Elder, Matthew Reese
Elliott, James W.
Ellis, Freddie Jr.
Ellis, Harvey Eugene
Ellis, Howard
Ellis, James Martin
Ellis, Raymond S.
Ellis, Richard Lee
Ellis, Robert
Ellis, William Howard
Ellison, Robert Woodrow
Ellison, Wilbert Rodney
Ervin, George Leonard
Ervin, Jewell W.
Eubanks, Paul
Evans, Ann
Evans, Arthur M.
Evans, Foster
Evans, Jack E.
Evans, Milton Clifton Jr.
Everett, Albert Frank,  Jr.
Fahey, James B.
Fahey, Joseph Francis
Fahey, Martin M.
Faupel, Edward Eugene
Feagans, Harold
Feagans, Harry William
Fealy, John Campbell
Fealy, Joseph
Feeney, James Robert
Feeney, Thomas Vincent Jr.
Ferry, Thomas Andrew
Fest, Fred William Jr.
Finegan, Alvin Blaine
Finster, Francis William
Finster, George Edward
Finster, John Russell
Finster, Leonard Garrett
Finster, Wilbur Bonnett
Fisher, Albert
Fisher, Cecil Clifford
Fisher, Clyde Newton
Fisher, Edward Andrew
Fisher, Francis Leo
Fisher, George Allen 
Fisher, Guy Loudin
Fisher, Hugh Kenneth
Fisher, Kessler Eugene
Fisher, Melvin Leondis
Fisher, Richard Andrew
Fisher, William M.
Fitzpatrick, Joseph Robert
Fizer, Charles J.
FleetwoodEdgar Allen
Fleming, Clifford H.
Fleming, George Arnold
Fleming, Hubert Harrison
Fleming, Baul Bernard
Fleming, Sigel Walter
Fleming, William C.
Flesher, Charles E.
Flesher, Charles N.
Flesher, Clarence Claudius
Flesher, Clinton Frederick
Flesher, Elijah David Jr.
Flesher, Emery Paul
Flesher, Henry Thomas Jr.
Flesher, Joseph Robert
Flesher, Kenneth B.
Flesher, Mark Edmund
Flesher, Nay Jr.
Flesher, Richard Keith
Flesher, William Henry
Fletcher, Harry Eugene
Fletcher, Richard K.
Flint, Aubrey Raymond
Flint, Paul Gregg
Floyd, Hollan Lavalle
Flynn, John W.
Ford, Arthur Charles
Forinash, Lyle Ward
Forinash, Russell Denver
Fortney, Frankie William
Foster, Bernard Lee
Foster, Brannon Hollist
Foster, Charles Otis
Foster, Ernest Hall
Foster, James Francis
Foster, John Life
Foster, John Lee
Foster, Parker
Foster, Russell C.
Fox, Alfred Lee
Fox, Arthur C. Jr.
Fox, Elvie Crawford
Fox, Frank Edward
Fox, Howard Arthur
Fox, Loyd Andrew
Fox, Stanton
Fox, Walter C.
Fox, William C.
Fox, William Hayward
Fox, William Robert
Fox, James R.
Frame, Myerl
Frame, Robert Hampton
Frame, Wade Thomas
Francis, Dana L.
Frashuer, Grover Dennis
Frazier, David F.
Freeman, Argyle C.
Freeman, Charles Edward
Freeman, Herbert Franklin
Freeman, Kenneth W.
Freeman, Ralph B.
Frey, Edwin John
Frey, Raymond J.
Frye, Junior Bancroft
Fuccy, Lewis James
Fulks, Oral Carl
Fultineer, Allen
Fultineer, James Allen
Fultineer, Robert Oney
Furr, Forest
Furr, Okie
Fury, Charles Clifton
Fury, Franklin R.
Fury, Ronal Glenn
Fury, Verland Nelson
Fury, William Leslie
Gabriel, Cecil Marsh
Gabriel, David Chase
Gainer, Adrian Lee
Gainer, Charles Glen
Gainer, Sherwood Smith
Gainer, William Bradford
Galford, Denver Golden
Galford, Ira Thomas
Galford, Raymond Delbert
Gall, William O.
Gango, Patsy
Gans, Robert A.
Gardner, Daniel E.
Gardner, Carl Denzil
Gardner, Russell Kessler
Garrett, Charles Melvin Jr.
Garrett, Harley Jefferson
Garrett, John E.
Garrett, Robert Earl
Garton, Charles E.
Garton, Gerald A.
Garton, John Andrew
Garton, John Robert
Garton, Robert H.
Garvin, George Brenton
Garvin, William Eugene
Gaston, Charles Nicholas
Gates, Paul C.
Gault, James A.
Gay, Adrian Lewis
Gay, Earlmond Lester
Gay, Evertt Glen
Gay, Fred
Gay, Ira Marcellus
Gay, James Samuel
Gay, Leonard M.
Gay, Robert Strader
Gay, Ross Woodrow
Genevie, Ivan Paul
Genevie, James Robert
Genevie, John D.
Genevie, Louis Edward
Gibson, Clovis V.
Giles, Clifton Franklin
Gillispie, Jack
Gillispie, Warren George

Gissy, John Lawrence
Gissy, Mathew John
Gissy, Thomas E.
Gissy, Robert J.
Given, O. Ralph
Glover, David J.
Glover, William J.
Glover, William Spencer Jr.
Godfrey, Belford Lane
Goe, James
Goe, Norval douglas
Goe, William Robert
Goff, Argyle Junior
Goff, Burl J.
Goff, Glen Edward
Golden, Bernard L.
Golden, Bobbie W.
Golden, Harl Jack
Golden, Harry Brooks
Golden, John Spencer
Golden, Margaret
Golden, Scott Lemuel
Goldsmith, Brooks Arnold
Goldsmith, Charles Lee
Goldsmith, George Stephen
Goldsmith, Hubert Florse
Goldsmith, Luther
Gonzales,  John
Goodwin, Earl Smith
Goodwin, Robert Jennings
Gordan, Sidney Louden
GoughSamuel Raymond
Gould, Cecil Oscar
Gould, Ercil
Gould, James E.
Gould, Warren Lee
Grant, Edwin Arnold
Grant, Joseph Irwin
Grant, William Henry Jr.
Gray, Dean
Gray, Zane
Greathouse, Harry E.
Green, Edward F.
Green, John Thomas
Green, Roy Everett
Green, William Franklin
Greenleaf, William Junior
Greenlief, Arthur Lee
Greenlief, Dale
Gregory, Charles Acie
Gregory, Franklin L.
Gribble, James Lawrence
Griggs, Fred
Groah, Eugene Clair
Groah, Kenneth Howard
Groah, Milton A.
Groah, Paul A.
Grogg, Blondie Blair
Grogg, Ernest Ray
Grogg, Leonard Lorence
Groves, George Andrew
Guinn, Jerry A.
Guinn, Joseph Arlington
Guinn, Ralph B.
Guinn, Robert L.
Gum, Charles Willard
Gum, Evelyn P.
Gum, James Willis
Gum, James Wilton
Gum, John Lauder
Gum, John W.
Gum, Lester Elsworth
Gum, Lowery A.
Gum, Orvel Glenn
Gum, Ralph Jackson
Gum, Russell Ralph
Gum, Toy Coy
Gum, Lott Ernest
Gum, James Earl
Gunion, William Milford
Hacker, William Brenton
Hager, Robert Arnold
Haggerty, William Francis
Hale, Frank A. Jr.
Hale, Robert
Hall, Burl Brooks
Hall, Edgar Loman
Hall, Forrest Dale
Hall, Fraley
Hall, Gail Jennings
Hall, Harley N.
Hall, Herman Orval
Hall, James Hamlin
Hall, James Lew
Hall, John Harvey
Hall, Philip White
Hall, Robert T.
Hall, Roy Lee
Hall, Simeon Asbury Jr.
Halterman, Charles Andrew
Halterman, Denzil Wayne
Halterman, Hayward Ray
Halterman, Lofton Lavon
Hamilton, Fred Eberly
Hamilton, Jack
Hammer, Robert L.
Hammer, Frank A.
Hammer, Lynn
Hamrick, Junior Clay
Haney, Burton C.
Haney, Roy Calvin
Hardman, Benson Bradshaw
Hardman, Clyde Jennings Jr.
Hardman, Charles Doll
Hardman, Edwin Davisson
Hardman, Ira S. Jr.
Hardman, John C.
Hardman, Lewis Smith
Hardman, Perry F.
Hardman, Thomas R.
Harner, Lawson Delmore
Harold, William Arlando
Harper, Frank Monroe
Harper, John Otis
Harper, Richard Otis
Harris, Arley
Harris, Carl
Harris, Charles Edmund
Harris, Clyde J.
Harris, Edwin Ray
Harris, Frank Jr.
Harris, George L.
Harris, Gus George
Harris, Herbert L.
Harris, Hoy Jarvis
Harris, James Marshall
Harris, Lawrence B.
Harris, Orville C.
Harris, Oris W.
Harris, Paul Wayne
Harris, Robert Gene
Harris, Robert Kenneth
Harris, Simon N.
Harrison, Charles Thomas Jr.
Harrison, Clarence
Harrison, Frank L.
Harrison, Okey L.
Harrison, Robert Joseph
Harter, William Edward
Hartley, Charles Thornton
Haught, Leslie Everett
Haught, Ralph Marvel
Hawk, F. Robert
Hawkins, Andrew R.
Hawkins, Eugene W.
Hawkins, George Dewey
Hawkins, Kenneth Victor
Hawkins, Otis E.
Hawkins, Robert Casey
Hawkins, Robert Roy
Hawkins, William L.
Hawkins, William Raymond
Hawkins,  Harold Hocus
Hayes, James Lester
Haymond, William Isaac
Hays, James F.
Hays, Wendell E.
Heater, Clarence
Heater, Edgar F.
Heater, George F.
Heater, George W.
Heater, Gerald Donovan
Heater, James Burr
Heater, James Ray
Heater, Merit Ford
Heater, Orie S.
Heater, Paul Joseph
Heater, Robert
Heater, Roy Elliott
Heater, William F.
Heath, John Vincent
Heath, Leonard E.
Heath, Lewis Rayford
Heath, Manus Parker
Heath, Sidney Silvia
Heath, William Matthew
Heflin, Charles Arthur
Heflin, Raymond Roscoe
Heflin, Zesky Carl 
Hefner, Jack
Hefner, James R.
Hefner, James Warne
Helmick, Harvey Ellis
Helmick, Ornis L.
Helmick, Roy Warner
Helmick, Roy Lee
Henderson, John J.
Henline, Aldace C.
Henline, Charles Edward
Henline, Clarence Stokes
Henline, David Elmore
Henline, Denver Owen
Henline, Edward Criss
Henline, Ernest Andrew
Henline, George Junior
Henline, Marvin Clyde
Henline, Ralph Pershing
Henry, George 
Henry, George Ward
Henry, Matthew
Henry, James Jr.
Henry, Robert Lee
Henry, Roscoe Herbert
Henry, Thomas Samuel
Henry, Wilfred Francis
Herron, Chrles Cyphus
Herron, James L.
Hersman, John Hendric
Hersman, Robert
Hevener, Bernard
Hevener, Denny D.
Hevener, Willard
Hewitt, Charles R.
Hickman, Charles R.
Hickman, Robert C.
Hicks, Addie Dye
Hicks, Bernard Scott
Hicks, Jay Casto
Hicks, Robert Courtney
Hileman, Paul
Hileman, Thurle Lewis
Hileman, Thurman Ray
Hinerman, Jack W.
Hines, Charles Edgar
Hines, Kermit Grover
Hinkle, Jess W.
Hinkle, Edward Clyde
Hinkle, Jack Bayard
Hinkle, John Claud
Hinkle, Shurld John
Hinter, William B.
Hinzman, Carl Amour
Hinzman, Easton Holmes
Hinzman, Frank Forest
Hinzman, Hayward Levander
Hinzman, Paul Wesley
Hinzman, Ralph Bailey
Hinzman, Thomas Webster
Hiteshew, Harold R.
Hiteshew, John Thomas Jr.
Hitt, Charles C.
Hitt, Charles Ray
Hitt, Cleveland Neil
Hitt, Edward A.
Hitt, Eugene Harold
Hitt, Forest F.
Hitt, James M.
Hitt, John William
Hitt, Mark P.
Hitt, Robert Junior
Hitt, William D.
Hitt, William L.
Hixenbaugh, Robert Lemmon
Holbert, Clyde Lewis
Holbert, George Burl
Holbert, John Love
Hollen, Fay Edward
Hollen, Donald E.
Hollen, Victor P.
Holt, Richard R.
Holy, John Sterrett
Hooper, Ben F.
Hoover, Glen D.
Hoover, Lawton Miles
Hoover, Rich E.
Hores, Roger William
Horner, Lorenzo Friel
Horner, William L.
Horner, Dana Lee
Houghton, Joe C.
Howes, John Everett
Huff, John W.
Hull, Camden R.
Hull, Glen Corder
Hull, Harman Rhude
Hull, Henry Willis
Hull, Leo B.
Hull, Robert
Hull, William Robert
Hull, William Welling Reece
Hunt, Arden Henry
Hunt, Robert G.
Hunt, Jay
Hunt, Walter Herbert Jr.
Hunt, William Henry Harrison
Hurst, David R.
Hurst, Thurman Sylvanus
Hustead, Robert Eugene
Hustead, Francis Junior
Huth, Paul E.
Hutson, Mason L.
Hyle, Albert L.
Hyre, Matthew John
Hyre, Michael P.
Hyre, Norris Clark Jr.
Hyre, Raymond Lawrence
Jackson, Andrew Ira
Jackson, Delbert
Jackson, Eldridge Darrell
Jackson, George William
Jackson, Irvin E. H.
Jackson, John Howard
Jackson, Joseph Burl
Jackson, Percy I.
Jackson, Raymond Vance
Jackson, Stanley Scott
Jackson, Wilbur Burton
Jakeway, William John
James, Alvanza Warner
James, Cleman William
James, Coble
James, Doy B.
James, Elmer R.
James, Eugene Edward
James, Virgil Lee
Jamison, Jesse William
Jarvis, Hoy s.
Jarvis, James Kenneth
Jarvis, Joseph Gaston
Jarvis, Norman jackson
Jarvis, Robert B.
Jarvis, William Arthur
Jeffries, Byron Locher
Jeffries, Eldra Lewis
Jeffries, Fred Bernard
Jeffries, Glenn Monroe
Jeffries, Henry Lewis
Jeffries, John Jr.
Jeffries, John R.
Jeffries, Paul Davis
Jeffries, Woodrow Jackson
Jendro, J. C.
Jenkins, Kenneth Fred
Jenkins, Millard Brooks
Jerden, BErnard Blaine
Jerden, Cassel Wayne
Jewell, Clyde Lynn
Jewell, Walter
John, James Paul
Johns, Donzel Cure
Johns, George Edward
Johns, James H.
Johns, Thurman Corder
Johns, William F.
Johns, William L.
Johnson, Gail Thomas
Johnson, Given Arnold
Johnson, Leonard Rex
Jones, Albert Fredrick
Jones, Claude
Jones, Donald C.
Jones, George
Jones, Guy H.
Jones, Kermit P.
Jones, Lloyd Hall
Jones, Porter Phylander
Jones, Samuel
Jones, Walter
Jordan, Dale E.
Jordan, John E.
Jordan, Lewis P.
Jordan, Rex A.
Jordan, Robert H.
Kafer, August George
Kafer, John
Kafer, Joseph Frank
Kafer, Rudolph Ameil
Kafer, William Anthony
Kalafat, John George
Karp, James Patrick
Karp, Richard D.
Karp, Thomas Francis
Kayser, Kenneth Sterling
Kearns, Sherman Dewey
Keener, Earl Emory
Keener, Joseph Bennett
Keener, Raymond Andrew
Keesecker, Henry Joseph
Keifer, Robert William
Keister, Jackson Alvin Critendon
Keith, Arnold Edmiston
Keith, Floyd Richard
Keith, Gaylord
Keith, Gilbert Ova
Keith, Rondal E.
Keller, Basil Strole
Keller, Harry E.
Kelley, William Galey
Kelly, Glen George
Kelly, Jess C.
Kelly, Noah Elmer
Kerns, Eugene B.
Kerns, Fred G.
Kerns, Harold O.
Kerns, Parker Lee
Kerrigan, Bernard Alphonse
Kerrigan, James Clement
Kerrigan, James Paul
Kerrigan, Joseph
Kerrigan, Katherine R.
Kesling, Clifford Y.
Kessler, John Kent
Keyser, Richard
Kincaid, Berl L.
Kincaid, Kenneth E.
Kincaid, Russell U. 
Kincaid, William Gayle
King, Ernest Gerald
King, Harold M.
King, Howard Russell
King, James Edward
King, Walter Harris
King, William Price Jr.
Kirkpatrick, Hunter John
Kirkpatrick, Page Beeson
Kittle, Charles O.
Kittle, Darrell L.
Kittle, George Paul
Kittle, Ralph J.
Kittle, Ray Junior
Knabenshue, Robert Cecil
Knapp, Charles Deane
Knapp, Clark Deane
Knicely, Daniel Albert
Knicely, Henderson Morris
Knight, Everet Leroy
Knight, Grover J.
Knight, Joseph William
Knight, Laco Bennett
Knight, Woodrow Ulysses
Knisley, Edward P.
Koon, Glenn Clifford
Koon, Kenneth Clyde
Kopko, John William
Kraft, Charles Dale
Kraft, William H.
Kraus, James Stephen
Kuhl, Harley Vance
Kuhn, Richard A.
Lake, Bernard
Lake, Dwight Selden
Lake, Otis Gay
Lake, Orville Lynn
Lake, Ralph Edward
Lamb, Arnett G.
Lamb, Bernard
Lamb, Cary Herbert
Lamb, Clarence Edward
Lamb, Earl C.
Lamb, Orris Wayne
Lamb, Paul Jr.
Lamb, Ray Archibald
Lamb, Robert E.
Lambert, Lee Francis
Lancaster, Earl Lewis
Lancaster, Edwin H.
Lane, William T.
Langford, Howard C.
Lattea, Cleo
Lattea, Clyde
Lattea, George William
Lattea, James Ralph
Lawrence, Charles A.
Lawrence, Clavil
Lawrence, Dacel Smith
Lawrence, Ralph Easton
Lawson, Dana
Lawson, John R.
Lawson, Nayman Junior
Lawson, William Boggess
Lawson, Willis Eugene
Leavitt, Jewell Paul
Leavitt, Junior Dale
Lee, John R.
Lefevre, Alfred
Lefevre, Charles Joseph
Lemon, Arden Cooper
Lester, Edward D.
Lester, Frederick Charles
Lewis, Ervin Edgar
Lewis, Ralph Archibald
Lewis, Urban Junior
Lewis, Ventsel Frank
Life, Granville Francis
Lilly, Melton J. Jr.
Limer, Harry Ishmael
Linder, Charles Henry
Linder, Odbert D.
Linger, Albert Haymond
Linger, Andrew J.
Linger, Carl Roosevelt
Linger, Carl Woodford
Linger, Chalfant Shafer
Linger, Dana H.
Linger, Eugene H.
Linger, Gail Eli
Linger, Harry C.
Linger, James F.
Linger, James William
Linger, John Jaacob
Linger, Ledford Oscar
Linger, Meigs Stalnaker
Linger, Ova Ralph
Linger, Ray Cunningham
Linger, Verl River
Linger, Wayne Hanson
Lipps, Joseph D.
Livingstone, John R.
Lockard, Ralph W.
Long, Forrest Gerald
Long, Ray Junior
Long, Thomas Burrell
Lorentz, Charles
Losh, Paul Brittain
Losh, Walter B.
Loudin, Charles M.
Loudin, Robert Stockert
Lough, Burton H.
Lough, George Commodore
Lough, George Franklin
Lough, Harold W.
Lough, James David
Lough, James Paul
Lough, Junie Davisson
Lough, Raymond V.
Lough, Vantz Barnes 
Lough, Warren Phillip
Lovett, James B.
Lovett, Mark Thomas
Lowther, Carl M.
Lowther, Conley V.
Lowther, John H.
Lowther, William Coy
Luzader, Fred Ralph
Luzader, Hayward S.
Luzader, Paul James
Luzader, Rolla A.
Luzader, Robert Judson
Luzader, William Bowen
Lydon, James Patrick Jr.
Lynch, Conrad Linden
Lynch, Robert Lee
Lynch, Wallace J.
Mace, Harry Bradford
MacmillanWilliam A.
MacMillan, William A.
Malcomb, Clavin H.
Malcomb, Paul Hueston
Malcomb, Raymond J.
Malloy, John Paul
Malone, Donald Cecil
Malone, William
Markley, Roy
Marlow, Gilbert Porterfield
Marple, Charles
Marple, Clenley d.
Marple, Harley Minter
Marple, Hobart David
Marsh, Andrew T.
Marsh, Darrel David
Marsh, George A.
Marsh, Glydon J.
Marsh, Grey Jr.
Marsh, James Howard Sr.
Marsh, James f.
Marsh, James R.
Marsh, John William
Marsh, Minor A.
Marsh, Richard F.
Marsh, William Francis
Marsh, William Irvin
Martin, Rollen Maxwell
Martin, Roy Lee
Martin, William F.
Mason, Robert Stanley
Matheney, Virgil Warren
Matteson, William Exavier
Matthews, Dennis Berdette
Matthews, Donald Andrew
Matthews, William Russell
Maust, Donald A.
Maust, Hershel W.
Maxon, Edward H.
Maxon, Thomas Vance
Mays, Robert Eugene
Mays, Clay Junior
Mays, Albert V.
Mays, Guy J .
Mays, Howard Lee
McCall, David Lee
McCall, Glen Edwards
McCartney, Damon
McCartney, Leonard
McCauley, Brannon
McCauley, Carl Edward
McCauley, Harl
McCauley, Matthew Burton
McClain, Charles Lee
McClain, Denver C.
McClain, Herbert B. Duffy
McClain, Howard D.
McClain, Leonard Ross
McClain, Okey Jr.
McCloud, Gamalie Herman
McClung, Lyle H.
McClung, Patrick
McClung, Ulysses H.
McCord, Creed Dale
McCoy, Jackson Guy
McCoy, John Paul
McCoy, Roy Lee
McCoy, William Howard
McCray, Dana Doyle
McCray, Paul Jackson
McCray, Ralph Welton
McCudden, James Leo
McCue, Eldon Justus
McCue, Henry S.
McCue, Junior B.
McCue, Roy Russell
McCutchan, Glen Bur
McCutcheon, Bernard G.
McDonaldCharles Bernard
McDonaldJames Francis
McDonaldJohn W.
McDonaldThorn Matthew
McDonaldWilliam Francis
McElhaney, William Calvin
McEweun, James Edward
McEweun, Edward B.
McEweun, James Robert
McGann, John Thomas
McGann, Stephen Joseph
McGary, David Earl
McHenry, Robert W.
McIntyre, James Walter
McIntyre, Norman Edwin
McKeown, Argyle Otis
McKeown, Herbert Lee
McKinley, Paul Woofter
McKinney, Billy Genem
McLaughlin, Loren Page
McLaughlin, Michael James Jr.
McLaughlin, Robert Junior
McMaster, Lloyd Carter
McMillan, Jane
McMillan, Mary
McNemar, Charles Hudkins
McNemar, Jasper Cure
McNemar, Ralph Thomas
McNemar, Rufus Johnson
McPherson, Dewey Wiant
McPherson, Wendell Eugene
McQuain, Leeman M.
McQuain, William
McWhorter, Bruce N.
McWhorter, Leonard Mansfield
Mealey, Dallas R.
Mealey, Randall M.
Means, Andrew Ford
Means, Birk
Means, Charles W.
Means, James dumaine
Means, James Leonard
Means, Robert Page
Means, Teddy Brooks
Means, William Burton
Means, William Dawson
Means, William Glen
Means, Vernon S.
Meehan, Victor Martin
Meeks, Bert T.
Melphis, Robert Emile
Messenger, Clifford Charles
Messenger, Clifford Harlan
Messenger, Everett Dempsey
Messenger, Ernest H.
Messenger, Hartzel Amor
Messenger, Harvey James
Messenger, Lida Hoy Eugene
Messenger, Woodford Howe
Metz, Claud S.
Metz, George Franklin
Metz, Hobart Roy
Metz, Hurley F.
Metz, Lash J.
Metz, Luther Earl
Metz, William H.
Metzgar, Homer Dorsey Jr.
Michalak, John Louie
Michalak, Henry William
Mick, Charles S.
Mick, Claude
Mick, Dallas
Mick, Harry Lester
Mick, Hobart Ray
Mick, Howard R.
Mick, Leonard T.
Middleton, Joseph Buchanan
Miles, Thomas Edward Jr.
Miller, Clyde, 
Miller, Duward James
Miller, Walter
Mills, Grover Franklin
Milton, John Carl
Minnich, Jacob Anthony
Minnich, Jacob Aubrey
Minnich, John R.
Minnich, Richard Davisson
Minter, Edward Ergle
Mitchell, Benjamin Woodrow
Mitchell, Eugene Linger
Mitchell, Charles John
Mitchell, Maurice
Mitchell, Luther M.
Model, Harry Franklin
Moneypenny, Albert Franklin
Moneypenny, Charles Lowell
Moneypenny, Donald H.
Moneypenny, Doyle
Moneypenny, Forest Glenn
Moneypenny, Hunter
Moneypenny, Kermit
Moneypenny, Thomas Osborne
Moneypenny, William Gordon
Moneypenny, George Rinehart Jr.
Moneypenny, William d.
Montgomery, Ernest S.
Montgomery, George R.
Montgomery, Harold Floyd
Montgomery, Isaac Franklin
Montgomery, James Ulvie
Montgomery, John Edward
Montgomery, Lewis T.
Montgomery, Robert Jackson
Montgomery, Willard Jackson
Montgomery, William B.
Montgomery, William Everett
Moody, Clarence E.
Moody, Clyde
Moody, Eugene Lawrence
Moody, Robert Hopkins
Moody, Robert Lee
Moody, William L.
Moore, Arden Duane
Moore, Charles Henry
Moore, Mack William
Moore, John W.
Morgan, Fred
Morgan, Ralph Franklin
Morris, Ernest R.
Morris, Franklin F.
Morris, William H.
Morrisette, Robert Clinton
Morrison, Albert Lewis
Morrison, Arden L.
Morrison, Bernard Earl
Morrison, Clyde W. Jr.
Morrison, Denzil
Morrison, Dewey Ross
Morrison, Edwin Paul
Morrison, Hubert s.
Morrison, J. W.
Morrison, James H.
Morrison, James Ray
Morrison, James W.
Morrison, John Alexander Jr.
Morrison, Josiah Donzel
Morrison, Marvin Kemper
Morrison, Robert Gene
Morrison, Sidney Maddox Jr.
Morrison, William Bascom
Morrison, William J.
Morrison, William Payne
Moss, William Neely
Mueller, Rev. John J.
Mullady, Edwin Thomas
Mullenix, Ralston Boyd
Mullooly, William T.
Murphy, Argle Judson
Murphy, Charles C.
Murphy, Garrison E.
Murphy, Jack Kessler
Murphy, John Joseph
Murphy, Richard Edward
Murphy, William
Musser, Dorothy L.
Mustoe, William J.
Myers, Arthur Wilson
Myers, Charles Robert
Myers, Earle Ralph
Myers, Elmer Dale
Myers, French Bronson
Myers, Gaylord Leonard
Myers, Howard Reed
Myers, Ira William
Myers, John Saul
Myers, Lanty Lane
Myers, Lawrence
Myers, Lester William
Myers, Paul Richard
Myers, Wilson A.
Myers, William H.
Neal, Franklin Lee
Neely, Daily Erwin
Neely, Melville M. Jr.
Newell, Charles William
Ney, Andrew Victor
Nicholas, Paul Robert
Nicholas, Glen
Nicholson, Denzel W.
Nicholson, Grover John
Nicholson, William McKinley
Norman, Arden G.
Norman, Cledith Jackson
Norman, Dempsey Herman
Norman, Dennis Lee
Norman, Granville Burk
Norman, Lawrence Corder
Norman, Ralph Clyde
Norris, John Spillman
Norris, John Wilmer Jr.
Nye, Eldon Franklin Jr.
Nye, Paul Suddarth
Nye, Thomas Gordon
Ocheltree, Bacil Homer
Ocheltree, Chester B.
Ocheltree, James Edward
Ocheltree, Willis
O'Hara, James William
Oldaker, Alton Benjamin Parker
Oldaker, Arnold
Oldaker, Dacil Elmo
Oldaker, John
Oldaker, John Jr.
Oldaker, Rupert R.
Oldaker, Wilbur Troy
Oldaker, Willard Roy
Oliver, James B.
Orr, John Warren
Ours, John E.
Owens, Marshall Earl
Parker, William Arnold
Parmer, Marley Simon
Parmer, Ruth
Paugh, Charles Eugene
Paugh, Curtis jacob
Paugh, Denzel w.
Paugh, Gail H.
Paugh, Hurley I.
Paugh, Leonard Franklin
Paugh, Otto Vance
Paugh, Russell Edward
Paugh, Virgil Earl
Paugh, Willard Fay
Payne, Charles Willard
Payne, Orville S.
Payne, Ralph Talbott
Pehlevan, John Jr.
Perkey, Elbert B.
Perkey, French B..
Perkey, Hayward R.
Perkey, John B.
Perkins, Charles Ernest
Perkins, Emmett Thomas
Perkins, Gerald A.
Perkins, Ofie
Perkins, Robert William
Perrine, Emwood West
Perrine, Willis
Pertz, Edwin J.
Pertz, Edwin Jr.
Pertz, Elden Hobert
Peterson, Charles Ergil
Peterson, Charles Edward
Peterson, Clark emerson
Peterson, Erlo
Peterson, Nelson Lane
Pethtel, Donald R.
Petrey, Ernest Burton
Petrey, Paul Hubert
Phillips, Carl Jr.
Phillips, Robert L.
Phillips, William Gerald
Pichard, Ernest A.
Pickens, Adam Wellington Jr.
Pickens, Charles David
Pickens, Donald Robert
Pickens, George Lawrence
Pickens, John Hampton
Pickens, Larmon Troy
Pickens, Leonard
Pickerell, Fred Jackson
Piercy, Lionel W.
Piercy, Russell B.
Piercy, Jackson Woodford
Poling, Claud M.
Poling, John O.
Pope, William R.
Porter, John Robert
Posey, Edward Benjamin
Posey, Edward Ray
Posey, Frank
Posey, Frederick G.
Posey, Harold Nelson
Posey, Ira W.
Posey, John Alfred
Posey, Oliver
Posey, Paul
Posey, William f.
Post, Herbert Hall
Post, Oscar Burton
Powers, Roy W.
Pratt, Arlie Camden Jr.
Pratt, Audrey F.
Pratt, George Harrison
Pratt, Hayward Emboden
Pratt, Lawrence Budell
Price, Harold James
Price, Hayward Cloy
Price, John Benson
Price, John Nelson
Price, Robert F.
Priest, Leonard J.
Priest, Richard Lane
Priest, Robert E.
Prince, Charles Stanley
Prince, Earl G.
Prince, George Wilmer
Pringle, Dennis Monroe
Pringle, Ronald Wade
Pritchard, Andrew E.
Pritchard, Everett Scott
Pritt, Richard Edgar
Pritt, Troy Dencil
Probst, John A.
Proud, James Orlando
Proudfoot, Carl Samuel
Puffenbarger, James V.
Puffenbarger, Thomas Charles
Pumphrey, Alvin 
Pumphrey, Charles E.
Pumphrey, Charles Richard
Pumphrey, Elmer Alton
Pumphrey, George
Pumphrey, James C.
Pumphrey, James W.
Pumphrey, Leo Dixie
Pumphrey, Richard Lee
Pumphrey, Thomas L.
Queen, Charles E.
Queen, Charles Homer
Queen, Erlo
Queen, George W..
Queen, Harold Ernest
Queen, Herman H.
Queen, Lawrence Lorenzo
Queen, Leonard C.
Queen, Ray Bernard
Quinn, Ralph Benjamin
Quinn, Robert CharlesR
adabaugh, John Howard
Radcliff, Virgil Charles
Radcliff, Teddy T.
Radcliff, Calvin
Radcliff, Elda Doyl
Radcliff, Frank P.
Radcliff, George Cecil
Radcliff, Joe
Radcliff, Norvel
Radcliff, Orville J.
Radcliff, Robert Dale
Rader, Hilbert S..
Rafferty, Bernard J.
Rafferty, William James
Ralston, James
Ramsburg, Duane
Ramsburg, Rensel Gerald
Ramsburg, Robert Thomas
Ramsburg, Roy Isaac
Ramsburg, Smith
Ramsburg, William P.
Ramsey, Dana Nelson
Rastle, Leon Snyder
Rastle, Thomas
Ratliff, Andrew R.
Ratliff, Eugene
Ratliff, Gail Esmond
Ratliff, Richard
Ratloff, Eugene E.
Ray, James C.
Raybuck, Harold Charles
Reed, Elmer Lee
Reed, Gerald McWhorter
Reed, Harold R.
Reed, James Wilbert
Reed, Leonard Paul
Reed, Warren Louis
Reeder, Robert
Reeder, Wilma Jane
Reedy, Ray Von
Reger, Dallas Winston
Reger, Harley Blen
Rexroad, Benjamin Brooks
Rexroad, Henry Columbus
Rexroad, James Garlan
Rexroad, Richard Lee
Rexroad, Roy Everet
Rexroad, Wyatt Doyle
Reynolds, Mary
Reynolds, Vincent
Rhoades, Ancil
Rhoades, Cecil T.
Rhoades, Drexell B.
Rhoades, Paul J.
Richards, Darrell Robert
Richards, James
Riddle, Dorsal Lawrence
Riddle, Ernest R.
Riddle, marshall H.
Riddle, Ralph Jonathan
Riddle, Ray William
Riffle, Aleck Rucks
Riffle, Benjamin J.
Riffle, Charles E.
Riffle, Clarence Cecil
Riffle, Claude Warren
Riffle, Densil R.
Riffle, Elton Eugene
Riffle, Ezekiel Harry
Riffle, Garrett William
Riffle, George L.
Riffle, Glen Frida
Riffle, Homer Sherwood
Riffle, James C.
Riffle, James G.
Riffle, Joseph Dwight
Riffle, Wayne
Riffle, William
Riffle, William F.
Riggs, Frederick Gordon
Riley, Dennis Patrick
Riley, James B.
Riley, John F. Jr.
Riley, Joseph Francis
Riley, Joseph Patrick
Riley, Joseph Raymond
Riley, Leo Anthony
Riley, Mark James
Riley, Martin Joseph
Riley, Michael Anthony
Riley, Mildred A.
Riley, Paul John
Riley, Robert James
Riley, Thomas Francis
Riley, William Stephen
Rinehart, Francis Noah
Rinehart,Ray Paul
Rinehart,Thomas Okey
Rittenhouse,Clarence Fred
Rittenhouse,Duane Rever
Rittenhouse,Jay Kenneth
Rittenhouse,Robert Columbus
Roach,Robert Lewis
Roane,William Forest
Roberts,Virgil F.
Roberts,John S.
Robinson,Harold Scott
Robinson,James H.
Robinson,Lawrence E.
Robinson,William Jennings
Rogers,Charles Judson
Rogers,Eldred Thomas
Rogers,Lawrence Jewell
Rogers,Robert C.
Rogers,Robert Lee
Rohr,Joseph Bailey
Rohr,Oran Rondall
Rohrbough,Calvin M.
Rohrbough,John Marshall Jr.
Rohrbough,Loudin O.
Rohrbough,Otto A.. Jr.
Rohrbough,Ralph E.
Rohrbough,Robert V.
Rollyson,William Allen
Romine,Burl L.
Romine,Nell E.
Rough,Phillip Joseph
Rowgh,John H.
Ruble,Gerald Leroy
Rueckl,Frank Victor
Rueckl,John Karl
Rule,Alva Watts
Ruppert,Lawrence Robert
Ruppert,James Alphonse
Ruppert,Joseph E.
Rush,Peter Joseph
Rush,John Robert
Rye,Robert Frank
Saeler,Charles Woodrow 
Saeler,Grant e. 
Saeler,Paul E. 
Salvino,Hugo Raymond 
Samples,Archie Clyde 
Samples,James Paul 
Samples,Wayman Hartsell 
Sandy,Fred Harrison 
Sandy,Lawrence Osborne 
Sanford,Albert Lloyd 
Sanford,William Aaron 
Satterfield,Lawrence R. 
Satterfield,Paul Jr. 
Sawyers,Francis Ervin 
Sayre,George P. 
Sayre,James Noel 
Sayre,Kenneth Kasper 
Sayre,Nile Nelson 
Schroder,S. Henry Jr. 
Sears,Vernon H. 
Seelbach,Lawrence E. Jr. 
Sharps,Fred Blain 
Sharps,George Kelly 
Shaver,Ralph Jr. 
Shea,John H. 
Shearer,Andrew Joseph 
Shearer,Francis William 
Shearer,George Joseph 
Shearer,John Bernard 
Shearer,Lawrence Joseph 
Shearer,Michael Patrick 
Shepherd,Charles Junior 
Shifflette,Charles Henry 
Shiver,Jim E. 
Shoemaker,James Harold 
Sholes,Franklin L. 
Sholes,Wilfred Harold 
Shorr,George McGonagle 
Shorr,Robert Eugene 
Shoulders,Erman Ronald 
Shoulders,Roy Harold 
Shuttlesworth,Glenn M. Jr. 
Siegrist,James Paul 
Simler, Arthur Cunnard 
Simmons, Darrel Galford 
Simmons, Walter Richard 
Simmons, William E. 
Simon, Garry 
Simon, Ronald Glen 
Simons, Darrel G. 
Simons, Lee Winston 
Simons, Oris D. 
Simons, Roy Kenneth 
Simons, Virgil Edwin 
Simpson, Addison Arthur 
Simpson, George Lemuel 
Simpson, Walter B. 
Sims, Francis E. 
Sims, Frank Byron 
Sims, George Edward 
Sims, Harold E. 
Sims, Kenneth H. 
Sims, Oscar B. 
Sims, Ralph James 
Sims, William Edward 
Sims, William E. 
Sines, Ira E. 
Singleton, Gilbert 
Sinnett, Ova Darrell 
Sinnett, Ralph J. 
Skeens, Arden Robert 
Skidmore, Faye 
Skidmore, Hoy Leon 
Skidmore, Woodford Delose Jr. 
Skinner, Cecil 
Skinner, Charles Howard 
Skinner, Doyle Denver 
Skinner, Haywood 
Skinner, James Ray 
Skinner, Lawrence Edmond 
Skinner, Lloyd Jack 
Skinner, Luther d. 
Skinner, Thomas 
Skinner, William Richard 
Slabaugh, Charles E. 
Slaughter, Leavitt William 
Slaughter, Harold Clark 
Sloan, Damon B. 
Sloan, Mary Brinkley 
Smith, Adrian Glen 
Smith, Alva Jay 
Smith, Arba Asberry 
Smith, Bernard Armine 
Smith, Burl R. 
Smith, Carl H. 
Smith, Carl Ray. 
Smith, Carl W. 
Smith, Celeste A. 
Smith, Clifford Asbury 
Smith, Cody Lane 
Smith, DaCosta Jr. 
Smith, Donald Edward 
Smith, Emerson 
Smith, Forest Ralph 
Smith, Frank M. 
Smith, Frederick Jackson 
Smith, Harley Arthur 
Smith, Harold D. 
Smith, Harold Jr. 
Smith, Harry G. 
Smith, Hayward K. 
Smith, Hilbert Donald 
Smith, Hubert L. 
Smith, James 
Smith, James Warren 
Smith, John Caesar 
Smith, John Ralph Pershing 
Smith, Joseph Clarence 
Smith, Joseph W. 
Smith, Kempis Corder 
Smith, Lawrence Gale 
Smith, Leo Carl 
Smith, Louis William 
Smith, Milford 
Smith, Minter Frank 
Smith, Ransel T. 
Smith, Richard Lee 
Smith, Richard Lewis 
Smith, Robert B. 
Smith, Robert Clifton 
Smith, Robert Clyde 
Smith, Rudy W. 
Smith, Sherman D. 
Smith, Thomas Edward 
Smith, Thomas W. 
Smith, Tracy Meral 
Smith, Warren B. 
Smith, Warren Gayle 
Smith, Walter w. 
Smith, Wilson 
Smith, William Blaine 
Smith, William Edward 
Smith, William Howard 
Smith, William R. 
Smith, William Reger 
Smith, William Henson 
Smith, William T. 
Smith, Willard Brooks 
Snyder, David Lloyd 
Snyder, Earl Virgil 
Snyder, Edward George 
Snyder, GEorge Lee 
Snyder, Harry 
Snyder, Oris Blondy 
Snyder, Robert William 
Snyder, Theron A. 
Snyder, Thomas Malcolm 
Soan, Ronald Francis 
Sommerville, Charles F. 
Sommerville, Jaul J. 
Sommerville, James R. 
Sommerville, Tracy Jr. 
Sparks, Homer Roy 
Spaur, Darius L. 
Spaur, Frankie M. 
Spaur, Herbert Ross 
Spaur, Lawrence Willard 
Spaur, Thomas R. 
Spaur, Virgil Life 
Spaur, William Kemper 
Spaur, William Lloyd 
Spaur, Willis H. 
Spencer, Robert Lee 
Spicer, Edward I. 
Spicer, Jack Madill 
Spicer, Walter W. 
Spiker, Lynn 
Spinks, Kenneth Lloyd 
Sprigg, Robert J. 
Sprouse, Arnett Wayne 
Sprouse, Charles Andrew 
Sprouse, Denzil Franklin 
Sprouse, Robert Donald 
Squires, Donald M. 
Squires, James Fred 
Squires, Roy Donald 
Squires, Waymon O. 
Stalnaker, Albert Densil 
Stalnaker, Cecil Corbitt 
Stalnaker, Charles L. 
Stalnaker, Chester 
Stalnaker, Clifford Dale 
Stalnaker, Daril Warren 
Stalnaker, Donald Davisson 
Stalnaker, Granville Berry 
Stalnaker, Hayward Carl 
Stalnaker, James Scott 
Stalnaker, Kenneth Lane 
Stalnaker, Matthew Carol 
Stalnaker, Paul Martin 
Stalnaker, Ralph Hanson 
Stalnaker, Richard Brooks 
Stalnaker, Robert Roach 
Stalnaker, Tyrus D. 
Stalnaker, Walter E. 
Stalnaker, Weber Eugene 
Stalnaker, Wheeler Bee 
Starcher, Damon Guy 
Starcher, Donald Rohr 
Starcher, Kenneth Smith 
Starcher, Lawson Harold 
Starcher, Sammy M. 
Starcher, William Harvey 
Stark, Agnes J. 
Stark, Andrew Robert 
Stark, John J. 
Stark, Joseph Augustine 
Stark, Lawrence Edward 
Starrett, Romie J. 
Stasel, Glover James 
Steele, Bernard Homer 
Steele, Paul Denver 
Steerman, Basil Lawrence 
Steerman, Dorsey Bryson 
Steerman, Waren G. 
Steerman, Wilmer Calvin 
Steinbeck, Criss Freer 
Steinbeck, Edwin D. 
Steinbeck, Joseph Harry 
Steinbeck, William Douglas 
Steinbeck, William Kelley 
Stewart, Harry Woodrow 
Stewart, Jack Marshall 
Stoneking, Billy G. 
Stoneking, Burton W. 
Stoneking, Charles Calvin 
Stoneking, Edison R. 
Stoneking, James W. 
Stout, Earl Judson 
Stout, Ezra 
Stout, Kenneth Earl 
Stout, Hugh Paul 
Stout, Ross A. 
Strader, Draper Clay 
Strader, Gordon Lankford 
Strader, John Hazel 
Strader, Nelson Lanham 
Strader, Ralph Willard 
Strader, Richard Herbert 
Strader, Virgil W. 
Strader, Woodrow Wilson 
Straley, Charles S. 
Straley, George Edward 
Straley, Robert William 
Straw, John Adam 
Straw, William King 
Sturm, Eugene Perry 
Stutler, Gordon Childers 
Stutler, Louie Ernest 
Stutlor, James O. 
Summers, Robert Clark 
Summers, Zane Hill 
Summers, Mary E. 
Sumpter, Jonathan Burke 
Suttle, William Wayford 
Swecker, Lee Edward 
Sweeney, Charles Paul 
Swick, Russell L. 
Swick, Herbert R. 
Swiger, Paul Benjamin 
Swisher, William Vaughn 
Swisher, Harold W. 
Swisher, Hayward Kenneth 
Swisher, Harold William 
Swisher, Wendell O. 
Swisher, Eugene Martin 
Swisher, Watson M. 
Swith, Edward S. 
Switzer, Anthony Raymond 
Switzer, John Edwin 
Switzer, Lawrence Joseph 
Switzer, Lawrence Jr. 
Switzer, Lee Paul 
Tawney, Thomas 
Taylor, Archie Dale 
Taylor, Arthur J. 
Taylor, Cecil Sherman 
Taylor, Clarence 
Taylor, Darrell A. 
Taylor, Ernest Maurice 
Taylor, Frank 
Taylor, Frank Loyd 
Taylor, Frank W. 
Taylor, Franz Irl 
Taylor, Gideon Thomas 
Taylor, Glenn 
Taylor, Guy A. 
Taylor, Herbert Corder 
Taylor, Herbert Matthew 
Taylor, James Columbus 
Taylor, John Caldwell 
Taylor, Oren 
Taylor, Paul Morrison 
Taylor, Richard P. 
Taylor, Robert ray 
Taylor, Russell E. 
Taylor, Theodore Quinten 
Taylor, Warrick 
Taylor, Warrick Richard 
Taylor, William 
Taylor, William Henry 
Taylor, William Jacob 
Taylor, Woodrow Edward 
Teter, Edward Patrick 
Teter, Denver Burl 
Teter, Jearld 
Teter, Forest Mearl 
Tharp, George M. 
Tharp, John McClellan 
Tharp, Paul Mansfield 
Tharp, Robert P. 
Thomas, Clyde D. Jr. 
Thompson, Adrian Norvel 
Thompson, Aubrey Jr. 
Thompson, Charley 
Thompson, Clyde Willis 
Thompson, Lowell Henry 
Thompson, Robert L. 
Thompson, Rue Claude 
Thompson, Walter W. 
Thorn, Paul E. 
Thorne, Paul Eugene 
Thornhill, Alva Anderson 
Thornhill, Alpha Lee 
Thornhill, Clarence Edward 
Thornhill, Kenneth R. 
Throckmorton, Francis J. 
Tierney, James Edward 
Tillett, Robert Elmore 
Tillman, Stanton K. 
Timms, William Lawrence 
Tinney, Charles W. 
Tinney, Robert Junior 
Tipton, Handley Catchell 
Tipton, Henry W. 
Tomaschko, Harold Joseph 
Tomey, Dorsey E. 
Toothman, Kenneth Arthur 
Townsend, Lee 
Trapnell, Edward R. 
Trapnell, Frederick H. 
Trusler, Charles Alfred 
Trusler, Rex 
Trusler, Stanley Ruel 
Tucci, Dominic Vigino 
Tucci, Julius 
Tucci, Richard Clarence 
Tucci, Silvio Amerigo 
Tucci, William Anthony 
Turner, Byron J. 
Turner, Charles Sherwood 
Turner, Claudius B. 
Turner, Clyde Hunter 
Turner, Darrell Duke 
Turner, Dixon Law 
Turner, Glen Franklin 
Turner, Homer B. 
Turner, Ivan Gail 
Turner, James Ervin 
Turner, James Jackson 
Turner, James Roy 
Turner, Kent Arnett 
Turner, Newton Burdell 
Turner, Robert Jackson 
Turner, Shurley Linn 
Turner, Thomas Alexandria 
Turner, Virgil Ralph 
Utzman, Fred Frank 
Valentinre, John F. 
Van Horn, Charles B. 
Van Horn, Donzel Clifford 
Van Horn, Harold J. 
Van Horn, James Wilson 
Villers, Donnolly 
Villers, Marshall Ballentine 
Wade, Glenn Albertus 
Waggoner, Fred Cline 
Waggoner, George W. 
Waggoner, Jack W. 
Waggoner, Oliver Eugene 
Waggoner, Reuben Elias Bland 
Waggoner, Rhule Franklin 
Wagoner, Joseph W. 
Wagoner, Charles Henry 
Waldeck, Ernest Eugene 
Waldeck, Parke William 
Waldeck, Ross King 
Walker, Burhl Leland 
Walker, George Wesley 
Walker, Gilbert Hardin 
Walker, James Woodrow 
Walker, Lee Junior 
Walsh, Raymond Francis 
Walton, Claude Anderson 
Wamsley, Elmer H. 
Wanless, Audron Daris 
Wanless, Elliot Sinclair 
Ward, Andrew L. 
Ward, Edward Leon 
Ward, Fred Lee 
Ward, Gene 
Ward, James Martin 
Ward, John Charlton 
Ward, John Everett 
Ward, Richard S. 
Ward, Robert B. 
Ward, William Troxell 
Ware, Clyde E. 
Ware, Parl Dee 
Ware, Robert Loraine 
Ware, Robert Thomas 
Warner, Albert Arnold 
Warner, Arden Sloan 
Warner, Clifford M. 
Warner, Craig Alvin 
Warner, Granville Russell 
Warner, Harold Eugene 
Warner, James A. 
Warner, James Lyle 
Warner, John A. 
Warner, John Glenn 
Warner, John Glenn 
Warner, Merrill H. 
Warner, Ralph Hale 
Warner, Ralph Hill 
Warner, Ralph 
Warren, Allen Archer 
Warron, Walter H. 
Watson, Gail O. 
Watson, George A. 
Watson, Harry Andrew 
Watson, Harry jackson 
Watson, James A. 
Watson, John Robert 
Watson, Laymon D. 
Watson, Minter Goodloe 
Watson, Ray Howard 
Watson, Robert Eugene 
Watson, Robert F. 
Watson, Roy J. 
Watson, Thomas Bernard 
Waugh, Claude 
Waugh, James E. 
Waugh, Norman French 
Waugh, Oscar E. 
Waugh, Russell H. Jr. 
Weaver, Ernie W. 
Weaver, John Wesley 
Weaver, Leonard H. 
Weaver, Quintin L. 
Weaver, Robert E. 
Webb, Harry Artel 
Weber, James Albert 
Weber, John Carl Jr. 
Weber, John Jr. 
Weber, John Harold 
Weber, Lawrence Roy 
Weber, Raymond Shea 
Weber, Robert J. 
Weber, William H. 
Weber, William T. 
Weese, Jay Mitchell 
Weidlich, Richard Charles 
Weidlich, Robert James 
West, Boyd Arthur 
West, Ernest J. 
West, James Paul 
West, James Hayward Franklin 
West, John Elmer 
West, Preston Patrick 
West, Ralph Brooks 
West, Robert B. 
West, Russell Andrew 
West, Ray Edward 
Westfall, Albert Gray 
Westfall, Amos C. 
Westfall, Arch C. 
Westfall, Charlse Edison 
Westfall, Dulin Gaylord 
Westfall, W. Elden 
Westfall, Eugene Richard 
Westfall, Francis Clay 
Westfall, Glen Roy 
Westfall, James A. 
Westfall, James E. T. 
Westfall, Herbert Newton 
Westfall, Hollis D. 
Westfall, Leonard Dale 
Westfall, Merchie R. 
Westfall, Orville S. 
Westfall, Raydine 
Westfall, Wilbur W. 
Westfall, Virgil Clayton 
Whelan, James Edward 
Whelan, William Francis 
Whelan, Robert E. 
White, Blair J. 
White, Burton Thomas 
White, Charles Robert 
White, Charles Warner 
White, Enoch William Jr. 
White, Henry Osborne 
White, James Spillman 
White, Joseph Elden 
White, Kenneth E. 
White, Lloyd Jr. 
White, Mark E. 
White, Magnus Clayborn 
White, Orris W. 
White, Richard A. 
White, Ross 
White, Walter Lynn 
Wiant, Albert Roy Jr. 
Wickland, Howard 
Wilburn, John Henry 
Wilburn, Thomas N. 
Wildt, Ronald Charles 
Wilfong, Arley Derwood 
Wilfong, Glenn Edsel 
Wilfong, Herbert J. 
Wilfong, John T. 
Wilfong, Leonard L. 
Wilfong, Raymond George 
Wilkes, James Edward 
Wilking, Leo H. 
Williams, Arlie Leonard 
Williams, Aubrey Jr. 
Williams, Cecil Clarence 
Williams, Harold Edward 
Williams, Harvey E. 
Williams, Harold Frederick 
Williams, Herbert 
Williams, Herbert W. 
Williams, Homer Woodrow 
Williams, Howard Waitman 
Williams, John Arthur 
Williams, Joseph Woodrow 
Williams, Lawrence Richard 
Williams, Leonard Lewis 
Williams, Robert Jackson 
Williams, Russell Junior 
Williams, Sail 
Williams, Wayne Lee 
Williams, William Brooks 
Williams, William Ray 
Willis, Thurl Hartman 
Wilson, Charles Lee 
Wilson, Charles William 
Wilson, Earl Hugh 
Wilson, Edward Lee 
Wilson, Eugene Dent 
Wilson, Glen Russell 
Wilson, Harry Junior 
Wilson, Harold Haldrick 
Wilson, Irvin 
Wilson, James Robert 
Wilson, Robert William 
Wilt, Emery T. 
Wimer, Elmer Thorn 
Wimer, French Paul 
Wimer, James Morgan 
Wimer, James Pete 
Wimer, Oliver L. 
Wimer, William E. 
Winans, Billy F. 
Wine, Aaron Lester 
Wine, Ernest Clifford 
Winemiller, William Harry 
Wise, Charles G. 
Wise, Harlan G. 
Wise, Robert E. Lee 
Wiseman, George Swisher 
Wiseman, Julien Harlan 
Wite, Denzil Guy 
Wojcihovski, Louis John 
Wojcihovski, Victor 
Wolfe, Leonard Lee 
Wolfe, James Wesley 
Wooddell, Bernard Waitman 
Woodford, Coleman R. 
Woods, Mount Vernon 
Woodson, Claude 
Woodson, James Burhl 
Woodson, Robert 
Woofter, Bernard L. 
Woofter, Charles J. 
Woofter, Clayton A. 
Woofter, Darrell Francis 
Woofter, Harold 
Woofter, James Albert 
Woofter, Jennings Herbert 
Woofter, John R. 
Woofter, John R. 
Woofter, Paul Edward 
Woofter, Robert D. 
Woofter, Russell P. 
Workman, David Wesley 
Workman, Glennie Vincent 
Workman, Harold Lee 
Workman, Roscoe Gerald 
Wright, Doy R. 
Wright, Eugene 
Wright, Guy E. 
Wright, Harold J. 
Wright, James Kenneth 
Wright, Thomas M. 
Wright, Walter Goff 
Wyant, Basil Lee 
Wyant, Doy Junior 
Wyant, Homer Arnold 
Wyant, John Fredrick 
Wyant, Roy Jr. 
Wyant, Truman L. 
Yates, Harry Edward 
Yates, Jewell Lawson 
Yates, John Hudson 
Yates, Luther M. 
Yoak, Albert F. Jr. 
Yoak, Francis P. 
Yocum, Okey Francis 
Young, William Joseph 
Yourex, George D. 
Zeller, J. A. 
Zinn, Harley Eldridge 
Zinn, Troy Donald 
Zobrist, John C.