Hackers Creek Pioneer Descendants

Vintage Items for sale

Vintage Feed Sacks
REDUCED to $8.00  SOLD 
AHOY MATE !  This sack has sailor boys, climbing ladders, fishing, sailing and boating.  The colors are blue, red and white.  I'm sure this one dates probably to WWII.  No holes, still vivid and no staining.
$8.00 plus tax and shipping
This is a group of long feed sack pillowcases.  They measure 35" inches long and 20.5" wide.  They have blue flower borders with bottom of case being white muslin.  The group is 7 cases.  They are in good condition.  They do have some rust stains, some yellowing and small holes ( not any tearing or mouse bites)  You purchase as is! If you want more info or better pics, then email hcpd@hackerscreek.com   
Selling all 7 for $40.00 + shipping  ( locals can pick-up at library)
This is a for 2 what I would call sea green vintage feed sack cases.  The tops are flowered green, bottoms are white muslin. They measure approx. 35" long and 20.5" wide.  They are in good condition.  They have some rust stains, some yellowing and no major tearing.  You purchase as is! Email hcpd@hackerscreek.com for more pics or info.
Selling both for $16.00 + shipping (locals can pick-up at library)
 This is for 3 pretty pink trimmed feed sack cases.  They measure approx. 35" long and 20.5" wide.  They are in fair condition.  2 have some rust stains and some yellowing.  The 1 has a large tear hole on the side.  You purchase as is!  Email hcpd@hackerscreek.com for more info.
Selling all 3 for $18.00 (locals can pick-up at library)
This is for 2 vintage pillowcase feed sacks. They measure approx. 35"long and 20.5" wide.  They are in fair condition.  They do have stains, yellowing and large tear holes on side and centers.  They have the yellow flower borders and rest of case is in white muslin.   Buying as is!  Email hcpd@hackerscreek.com for more info.
Selling both for $10.00 + shipping ( locals can pick up at library)
Vintage Books  
McGuffey Readers. McGuffey Readers were a series of graded primers for grade levels 1-6. They were widely used as textbooks in American schools from the mid-19th century to the mid-20th century, and are still used today in some private schools and in homeschooling.
These are used books Revised Editions 1-6.  Also included is Primer and Eclectic speller. Books are in good condition.  They are hardback.  Do have wear around the outside edges and soiling.  They have inside page marked, 2/21/45 For Mr. McConkey from T.B. Cain.
Selling the set for $65.00 + shipping (local can pick up at library)  Questions email hcpd@hackerscreek.com
This is a wonderful vintage rare book.  You can get alot of info about WV from it.  It is a hardback book in good condition.  Has all pages and no pages highlighted, pages yellowed and soiled.  Does have signature of T. B. Bickel on first page.  Copyright is 1931. 446 pages.
Selling for $55.00 + shipping (locals can pick up at library)  Questions? email hcpd@hackerscreek.com
 A vintage rare book!  History of Pennsylvania  Copyright 1912.  The book is in good condition.  Does have soiling, pages yellowed and wear around the edges. 326 pages.   Selling as is!  Email: hcpd@hackerscreek.com with questions.
Selling for $25.00 + shipping ( locals can pick-up in library)
 This is for 3 Successful Farming Magazines dated 1929.   March, April and May.  The magazines are fragile, yellowing and some tearing.  Still very readable with wonderful articles and pictures.  One ad I found amusing and I did not know was they sold Maytags with Churn attachment.  These are just wonderful fun magazines!
Selling all 3 for $20.00 + shipping (locals can pick up at library)
Vintage crystal diamond pattern cut glass ashtrays with sunflower design in bottom.  These are very pretty clear glass and heavy.  Have cuts to hold 4 cigs or cigars. They measure approx. 6" round. 
Price for set of 2 is $15.00 + shipping.
Do you remember the 70's?  Was you a kid or had kids?  These plates would be wonderful to share.  They are Ronald McDonald in different scenes.  The plates are like melamac/plastic. The plates measure approx. 9" inches round.  The group of plates consist of 2 Captain Crook, 2 Poor Grimace, 2 Mayor McCheese, 5 Big Mac captures snowman.  Total of 11 plates.  They are in very good condition, a few have minor scratches.  Great set for collector, or to share with grandkids.
They sell around $5-$9 a plate on auction sites.
Priced at $40.00 for the 11 plates, + shipping 
This Bible is in fair condition for a 100-130 yr. old Bible.  Some pages are loose, but over all Bible is intact to be able to read and view maps and pictures.  It would make a beautiful Family Bible if rebound.   I cannot find the manufacture page, but the Bible does have on the old testament pages the 1885 R.V and on the New Testament 1881.  It has beautiful lithograph or hand painted pictures, alone are valuable.  The Bible has a wealth of biblical information, maps and pictures.  It does not have any family history, but does have the name A. Radabaugh, Vandalia wrote on the inside cover.  Inside are some dried flowers.  Measures 11"X13" and 6" deep. Weighs 20lbs. You can view this Bible at the library in Horner.  We are asking $100.00 or make an offer.