Hackers Creek Pioneer Descendants

Requesting Research Help

When using our Online Library, you have two choices: (1) You may bring the references with you to our library at Horner, WV, and do the research yourself or (2) you may request research from our staff using the instructions below.

  • Requests may be submitted by e-mail to reserch@hackerscreek.com or snail mailed to HCPD, 45 Abbotts Run Road,   Horner, WV 26372.
  • All requests must be accompanied by the name,   street,   city,   state,   and zip of person making the request.
  • Requests must include Reference Number and Title of book or CD-Rom to be checked as well as the information wanted.   Be as specific as possible.   A request asking for all we have on a given surname cannot and will not be honored.
  • Requests will be acknowledged upon receipt of your request. They will be answered on a first-in/first-out basis.   Allow 6 weeks for completion of requests.
  • We will check one specific reference for one specific request per e-mail at no charge. However, more extensive research will be subject to our fee schedule as listed below. Please know that we will not do extensive research for you without your consent. In cases of extensive research, the fees will be levied whether or not the requested information is found.    Example:   a marriage is requested for a specific couple in a specific county.   If the marriage is not found in the requested resource,   the researcher will attempt to find the information in surrounding counties.   If the information is not there,   there is nothing the researcher can do about it and the fee will still be charged.
  • Either credit card information for the minimum fee or a check in a like amount for the minimum research must accompany the request.   Do not submit credit card information via regular e-mail.   If you are not an HCPD member and/or we do not already have your credit card information on file,   you may either call the office at 304-269-7091 during regular business hours with your credit card information or you may visit our  secure request site where you may submit your request and credit card information.   If you wish to submit the request by mail, download the form at this link and mail to HCPD, 45 Abbott's Run Road, Horner, WV   26372.
  • Copyright restrictions prevent us from copying entire books.    We will copy no more than 20% of any publication,   i.e.,   20 pages from a 100 page book.
  • All responses will be by snail mail with copies of information found being mailed to you.

Fee Schedule 

  • HCPD Members:   $6/hour. Copies 15¢   per side.   No postage required for 4 or less sheets;   $3 shipping and handling for 5 sheets or more.
  • Non-members:   $10/hour.   Copies 25¢ per side.   No postage required for 4 or less sheets;   $3 shipping and handling for 5 sheets or more.
  • Minimum Charge:  1 hour