Veterans Buried in Lewis County


This alphabetical list contains the names of military veterans buried in Lewis County.  The legend indicates the source of the information and where the listing can be verified. CEM indicates the cemetery books pubished by the Hacker's Creek Pioneer Descendants Library.  OBIT indicates the obituary books from the same source.  Page numbers standing alone or containing a letter indicate an entry from a book created by American Legion Post #4 prior to 1940 and up-to-date only to December 1940.  Most other entries carry explanatory information. There are a number of entrys with no source recorded.  These are gleaned from local newspapers and comprise the deaths of known veterans between 2000 and Memorial Day 2011.

We have a list of most, but probably not all veterans buried in Lewis County by cemetery. This is the list volunteers use to place flags on graves and was updated in early May 2011. At the end of the list you will find persons for whom we do not have a burial site identified. If you can identify burial sites or know of anyone left off of the alphabetical list or the burial list by cemetery, please contact the webmaster.

Column I=Soldier's name
Column II=Cemetery name
Column III=Where record was found (see Legend II for explanation
Legend II
1/1=Cemetery Book I/page number
2/1=Cemetery Book II/page number
3/1=Cemetery Book III/page number
4/1=Cemetery Book IV/page number
5/1=Cemtery Book V/page number
6/1=Cemetery Book VI/page number
7/1=Cemetery Book VII/page number
8/1=Cemetery Book VIII/page number
9/1=Cemetery Book IX/page number
10/1=Cemetery Book X/page number
11/1=Cemetery Book XI/page number
OB1-page no.=Obituaries 1846-1899
OB2-page no.=Obituaries 1900-1909
OB3-page no.=Obituaries 1910-1919
OB4-page no.=Obituaries 1920-1929
OB5-page no.=Obituraires 1930-1939
OB6-page no.=Obituaries 1939-1940
OB7-page no.=Obituaries 1941
OB8-page no.=Obituaries 1942-1943
OB9-page no.=Obituaries 1944-1945
OB10-page no.=Obituaries 1946-1947
OB11-page no.=Obituaries 1948-1949
OB12-page no.=Obituaries 1951
OB13-page no.=Obituaries 1959
OB14-page no.=Obituaries 1962
BG-MIL=Betty Graybill militia
BG-OBIT=Betty Graybill obituaries
1., OR 2-A, etc.=American Legion Cemetery Book
HGS-page. no.=Hartzel G. Strader Cemetery List
HGS-ltr=Hartzel G. Strader letter
year/mo.=Weston Democrat newspaper obits 1951-2000

We continue to seek any veteran's burial site in Lewis County. If you can tell us where a veteran who is not on this list is buried, please send Joy DeFazio an e-mail. Please note that these veterans do not have to have served from Lewis County; they must be buried in Lewis County!

American Legion Post #4 and the HCPD with help from a hundred or more volunteers across the county have placed flags on most of these veterans' graves for Memorial Day. If you or someone you know or some group you know would like to assist with flag placements, please contact Joy De Fazio by e-mail or call the HCPD Library during business hours at 304-269-7091.