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Notes to the Future from 2020

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Notes to the Future from 2020
Posted: 04/21/2020 - 5:02 pm
When your descendants look back on the crazy year that we are living through, they might want to know what life was like for you during this time.  This thread is a place for us to pull together some thoughts for them..........
Personally, I have spent the time taking care of things I hadn't had (or taken) time to do. Some of that has included working on making the HCPD Webpage as helpful as possible. Other things have included doing some reading, playing board games (Backgammon and Racko have been the most common) and taking a once-a-day walk from our house to the campus of WVWC and back. 
We have managed to only need to get groceries once a week, and are finding that cooking at home is something we enjoy a good deal. A store here in town (Fish Hawk Acres) makes it possible for us to email our order and pay online. Then, when we pull up out front, they bring the food out and put it right in the back seat. Very helpful! We include an order for mom and dad as well, and have been leaving it in their garage.
The hardest part is that we are only blocks away from mom and dad, but we haven't been to visit in person so that we don't accidentally transmit something awful.  Likewise, our daughter and son-in-law are expecting a baby next week so the same goes for them. We do talk every day, though, and text, and have fun family Zoom meetings.
What have you been doing? Jot it down here for posterity..........