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David S Cox and Levina Friend

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David S Cox and Levina Friend
Posted: 11/02/2020 - 10:01 am
I’m pretty sure my 4X great Grandfather was David S Cox (b about 1792 in NJ, died maybe 1850 Gilmer Co). He was first married to Elizabeth Estlack (1794-1818), then Elizabeth Tharp (1797-1873 - who had been married to John Esltack (1797-1818)). David S and Hannah were the parents of my 3X great Grandfather Philip David (1819-1860). My family never soke about David S – in fact, our oral family history doesn’t start until Philip David and no one would ever tell me why. Doing my own research, I have learned that David S was an interesting character that just never really fit into my family narrative for a number of reasons, not the least of which was an apparent affair he had with a woman named Levina Friend. The Lewis County court records show a number of court appearances for both on counts of Adultery (a misdemeanor at that time). Outside of the court records, there is nothing on Levina, and David “disappears” sometime during 1850 in Gilmer County (there is no record of his death). Hannah lived with Philip until his death in 1860, then goes on to live with Catharine (his wife) and John Greenleaf (her second husband) until her death in Auburn, Ritchie 1873. Subsequent research shows that David and Levina did have a child, Elizabeth, the records I have of her are as a wife to Benjamin Marlow and then Thomas McEnery in the Illinois and Iowa regions, but I have precious little beyond that.

I’m looking for information on both Levina and Elizabeth, dates of birth, death, other family members, etc.  Anything you have would be helpful.