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John Alexander Sleeth (1727-1794)
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John Alexander Sleeth (1727-1794)
Posted: 01/09/2018 - 6:31 pm
UPDATE of March 2019:
I am looking for any male descendants of John Alexander Sleeth (1724-1794) who have taken a Y Chromosme DNA test. I have taken the Y Chromosome test and it leads to JA Sleeth being Irish. I am hoping to compare more male descendants. I can be reached pdsleeth@aol.com.
Original Message:
Seeking information on J.A. Sleeth. All of us Sleeth descendants' have been told he left Scotland around 1747, moved to Ireland with his wife Mary Ann Wallace, then on to the American colonies. The problem with that story is that it is completely unsubstantiated. The first primary document verifying J.A. Sleeth's existence is in 1766, concerning a court date in Virginia. I am engaged in deep research trying to find out the truth of our common Sleeth ancestor. Anyone  who can help with ideas, evidence or even hearsay please contact me at pdsleeth@aol.com. My current theory is that Sleeth was running from someone when he came to America and changed his name in Ireland. Sleeth is most likely a name that arose in Northern England and transferred to Ireland. At the time of Sleeth's birth, I can find not one Sleeth in all of Scotland. I hope others can join me in the search for our common ancestry. Thanks, Peter Sleeth

John Alexander Sleeth (1727-1794)
Posted: 03/12/2018 - 11:21 am
I'm new to this site and I don't have any detail info on your particular search, however, I do have a general question for you that does have a connection to your John Sleeth.  My interest is in my ancestor Henry Waldeck, who came to Harrison County, VA (WV) around 1798, having bought property from a Mr. Joseph Stout.  On the 27th of April, 1800 my ancestor Henry married Mary Sleeth, daughter of David and Catherine (Carpenter) Sleeth.  Mary was only fifteen at the time of their marriage, while Henry was forty-two.  From that union there were ten children, and I am from the line of Nicholas.  One of the more interesting (to me) people of that time was a Nicholas Carpenter, who appeared to have been killed (along with his son) in September of 1791.  In the fact David Sleeth had married a Carpenter, have you obtained any info on the Carpenter family line and how they may have fit in with that generation?  Also, have you found any references ot the Waldeck line in any of your searches?  This is just a shot in the dark, so don't get bogged down with this.  I can be reached at : bjojwaldeck@centurytel.net.  Thanks.
Bob Waldeck, Cotter, AR

John Alexander Sleeth (1727-1794)
Posted: 03/19/2018 - 3:13 pm
Hello Peter!
I have also delved into the research on the David W. Sleeth family. David W. Sleeth (who married Catherine Carpenter) is my 6th great grandfather. I would be happy to share the information I have compiled with you but something that you might find of interest in regards to your query is that my 4th great grandfather was named Mahlon Sleeth. There are many variatians and spellings of this name but it is speculated that he was named for Malin, County Donegal in Ireland and the spelling of his name was based on pronunciation and should have actually been spelled Malin. Malin is a village north of Carndonagh and there is also the Malin Sea over the Malin Shelf, north of Ireland and southwest of Scotland. It is connected to the Irish Sea and overlaps the Inner Seas off the West Coast of Scotland. I was always told that he was named after both Ireland and Scotland connections. I thought this may be of interest to you because it is a possible connection to both Ireland and Scotland. You may reach me by email: harpergenealogy@gmail.com

John Alexander Sleeth (1727-1794)
Posted: 03/19/2018 - 3:36 pm
Hi Bob,
Have you seen the section about Henry Waldeck and Mary Sleeth in Minnie Kendall Lowther's book "History of Ritchie County" as she mentions their "romance" on page 544- 545. I can email you copies if you want but you should be able to locate it online. Nicholas Sleeth (your Mary Sleeth's brother) was my 5th great grandfather.

John Alexander Sleeth (1727-1794)
Posted: 03/20/2018 - 4:42 pm
Yes, thanks, I do have that info you are referring to.  I found the book on line, read it and made copies of all information related to people's names I have come across in researching my ancestor Henry.  There are so many things about Henry I would like to uncover, but guess that's part of the fun of the search.  Henry was a Hessian soldier fighting for the British, captured at the battle of Trenton, and officially deserted in 1783.  Details of his time between being captured and when he arrived in Harrison County, VA/WV are few and I would love to fill in as many gaps as I could.  Nice to meet a new cousin.