Hackers Creek Pioneer Descendants
Linger Farm 1863/John Campbell Perrine
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Linger Farm 1863/John Campbell Perrine
Posted: 03/15/2018 - 9:04 am
My great Grandfather was buried on Linger farm after being shot in Flatwoods in 1863.Can anyone tell me where this farm might have been?  i do not see any Lingers in Braxton County in that year.I did find some in Lewis County i think.
See Story Below
Early in the civil war , some federal soldiers who were camped at the churches at flatwoods , captured Campbell perrine , a man considerably advanced in years.
They brought him to their camp and then started him with a detail of soldiers to prison at Sutton. The squad brought him to the low gap at the head of Granny's creek and there told him to run When he did so they shot him. The turnpike makes a bend and the old road went straight down the hill.  He ran from the pike toward the old road and fell in the road. A detail of soldiers came and buried him in a shallow grave on the bank of the road at the root of a large poplar tree. 
In a day or so Adam Gillespie made a coffin and he and some other citizens came and buried him in the hill field on the Linger farm. 
Mr Perrine was a very harmless man, not strong minded but very ingenious. He could make clocks and almost any kind of machinery out of wood. Seldom occurs a more cruel or unjustifiable murder.  
 From history of Braxton county and central West Virginia.  

Linger Farm 1863/John Campbell Perrine
Posted: 08/16/2018 - 10:32 am
Thanks for this interesting story!  We do have history of the Braxton County area.