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Harrison County Personal Property records
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Harrison County Personal Property records
Posted: 06/14/2018 - 1:34 pm
Found the listing of Personal Property Tax records compiled by Bob Sigley and Josh Pyle to be very interesting.  However, in viewing the original records some of the wording is not clear to me.  Specifically, I am looking at the records for 1799, where my ancestor Henry Waldeck first appears (he bought property in 1798).  In trying to read the headings I am missing some information, such as follows:
"Harrison County Personal Property 1799"
This is clear.
"A list of the taxable and tithable property in Benjamin Bartletts district being commissioned for the year 1799"
Question:  What is 'tithable' property?  Who might Benjamin Bartlett be?
This is what I can understand the headings to be, starting at the furthest column to the right.
"Ordinary Licenses"
"Number of Studs", is that stud horses?
"Number of Horses", ordinary horses?
"Blacks above 12"
"Number of Tithables", again what are tithables?
Would anyone be familiar with what all these headings mean, or intended to identify?
Bob Waldeck at: bjojwaldeck@centurytel.net
Cotter, AR 72626

Harrison County Personal Property records
Posted: 08/16/2018 - 10:37 am
Hopeful that during the Gathering you got your questions answered.  If not let me know, Patty...HCPD