Hackers Creek Pioneer Descendants
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Records: 601 to 650 of 9093
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Actions Call Number Title   Author
View Record  CO-0011-B Backus Material And Notes Smith, R. B. Collection
View Record  CO-0012-B Backus/Bacchus Marriage Bonds & License Smith, R. B. Collection
View Record  MLF-0177 BADGLEY, Daniel C.
View Record  CO-0005-A Bailey Family Strader, Hartzel Collection
View Record  FA-0129 Bailey Family Bailey, Guy F.Bailey, Algie R.
View Record  FA-0508-A Bailey Family
View Record  OS-0011 Bailey House
View Record  FA-0577-B Bailey Patton Rymer West Winans Woofter Ancestry Vol II West, Karl W.
View Record  FA-0577-A Bailey--Patton--Rymer--West--Winans--Woofter Ancestry, Vol. 1 West, Karl W.
View Record  MLF-0178 BAILEY, Albert W.
View Record  MLF-0179 BAILEY, Boyd
View Record  MLF-0241 BAILEY, Joseph and FISHER Soldiers
View Record  LP-0071 Bailey, Lemuel
View Record  MLF-0180 BAILEY, Morgan J.
View Record  MLF-0181 BAILEY, Philander
View Record  CO-0006-A Baker Family Strader, Hartzel Collection
View Record  FA-0116 Baker Family
View Record  FA-0214-C BAKER, Eli W. and SHOBE Frances, and Their Descendants of Grant & Hardy Counties Harman, Phyllis A.
View Record  MLF-0182 BAKER, Thomas T.
View Record  MLF-0183 BAKER, William
View Record  MLF-0184 BALEY, Joseph
View Record  CO-0014-B Ball Family Records (1) Smith, R. B. Collection
View Record  CO-0015-B Ball Family Records (2) Smith, R. B. Collection
View Record  FA-0636 Ball Family Tree 1823- 1998 Smith, John EdwardFatherly, Shelly Ann (Smith)
View Record  MLF-0185 BALL, John D.
View Record  LP-0271 Bang, Mildred Correspondence (Samples, King and Norman) Ed Oldaker Collection
View Record  FA-1043 Bankhead & Ambrose Williams
View Record  FA-1042 Bankhead Descendants
View Record  FA-1012 Bankhead Family Greggory, Nettie
View Record  UPS-CE-0006 Banks District Cemetary Readings, Upshur County Index
View Record  CH-0015-C Baptized On The 4th Of July Priest, K. C.
View Record  FA-0205 Barb Family
View Record  BAR-CE-0062 Barbour County WV Cemetery Readings Vol 1
View Record  BAR-CS-0015-A Barbour County Census 1850-1870 Cochran, Wes
View Record  BAR-CS-0015-B Barbour County Census 1910 Bennett, Edward L.
View Record  BAR-DE-0020-A Barbour County Deaths 1853-1919 Coffman, Mary S.
View Record  BAR-WV-0224 Barbour County Fair
View Record  BAR-MA-0030-B Barbour County Marriages - 1892-1935 Cochran, Wes
View Record  BAR-MA-0030-A Barbour County Marriages 1843-1892 Cochran, Wes
View Record  BAR-DE-0020-B Barbour County Will Books 1839-1889 Coffman, Mary S.
View Record  BAR-CE-0062-A Barbour County, WV Cemetery Headstone Readings Vol. I Society, Family Historical
View Record  BAR-CS-0015-C Barbour County, WV, Census 1920 Stewart, Julia Ann Charloton
View Record  FA-0486 Barker Family Of Ohio And West Virginia
View Record  FA-0971 Barker-Smith-Barnes-Allen-Betts-Bottt-Cotterill-Pehrson White, May
View Record  PC-0000 BARNES and PROUDFOOT. 0021-Alfred, Susan and others; 0002-Barnes and Proudfoot Family; 0020-Barnes Children; 0045-Barnes Grave, Masonic Cemetery; 0046-Barnes Residence; 0029-Barnes, A.; 0026-Barnes, Brace and Eleanor and Dorothy; 0034-Barnes, Brace, 1926; 0047-Barnes, Dorothy and Bob Rittenhouse; 0022-Barnes, Eleanor & Barnes,Lillian; 0025-Barnes, Eleanor and Nordeck, Emma Barnes; 0014-Barnes, Eleanor; 0009-Barnes, Eleanor; 0006-Barnes, Emma, w/o John;0039-Barnes, Grace; 0018-Barnes, Grace, Eleanor & Dorothy; 0043-Barnes, Joan (Lively House); 0007-Barnes, John & Emma;0013-Barnes, John A. & others; 0048-Barnes, John Adams ; 0005-Barnes, John Scott; 0027-Barnes, Lillian & others; 0024-Barnes, Lillian Amelia and others; 0019-Barnes, Lillian;0030-Barnes, Mary Wilson;11-Barnes, Mattie Jemima Proudfoot; 0028-Barnes, Mattie Proudfoot; 0150-Barnes, Mrs. w/0 Newton Bennett Barnes; 0036-Barnes, Sophronia and others; 0040-Barnes, T.N.; 0037-Barnes, Thomas; 0038-Barnes, Thomas and Barnes, Lillian(baby); 0001-Barnes, Thomas N. & Mattie Jemima; Proudfoot, daughters; 0016-Barnes, Thomas Norvel; 0041-Barnes, Thomas Norvell and Lillian(dau); 0033-Barnes, Thomas Norvell; 0010-Barnes, Thomas Norvell, Mattie, & Grace Proudfoot; 0008-Barnes, Thomas Norvil;0050-Clark, Margaret; 0042-Clark, Margaret and Barnes, Nina; 0031-Frame, Etta Barnes & others; 0023-Harrison, Frank Late and others; 0035-Mrs. Barnes Female Seminary; 0052-Proudfoot, Claude; 0053-Proudfoot, Clyde; 0054-Proudfoot, Clyde 1953; 0049-Proudfoot, Grandpa; 0032-Proudfoot, James Wilford; 0055-Proudfoot, Lottie; 0051-Waldrop, Grace Barnes; 0003-Waldrop, Sarah Barnes; 0027-Waldrop, Sarah Grace Barnes; 0044-Weston Post Office; 0004-Wilson, Mary Ann Barnes. Barns and Proudfoot Family
View Record  RB-0157 Barnes Historical Series
View Record  NC-0027 Barnes House Mail Slot
View Record  MLF-0242 BARNETT, Isaac
View Record  MLF-0188 BARNETT, James R.
View Record  MLF-0189 BARNETT, Samuel
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Records: 601 to 650 of 9093