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                     Stella Cotrill and Don Norman




    William Hallett was born about 1532 in Whitchurch, Cononicorum,

Dorsetshire, England and died about January 21, 1637/38 in Marshwood,

Dorsetshire, England.  He married Elizabeth Phippen June 4, 1578 in

England.  She was born about 1563.


Children of William and Elizabeth (Phippen) Hallett.


  2.  (1). Richard                 b.c.     1579


  3.  (2). Christian               b.       1581


  4.  (3). William                 b.       1584


  5.  (4). Robert                  b.       1586


  6.  (5). Richard                 b. Jun 9 1588   d. 1628




    Richard Hallett, a son of William and Elizabeth (Phippen) Hallett,

was born June 9, 1588 in Marshwood, Dorsetshire, England and died in

1628 in Bridgeport, Dorsetshire, England. His Spouse is unknown.


Known children of Richard Hallett.


  7.  (1). Alice                   b.       1614


  8.  (2). William                 b.c.     1616    d. Aug 17 1729

       m. Rebecca Bailey

       m. Elizabeth Fones Aug 1649

       m. Susannah Thorne Apr 1674


  9.  (3). Elizabeth               b.       1618


 10.  (4). Hannah                  b.       1620


 11.  (5). Susannah                b.       1622




    William Hallett, a son of Richard Hallett, was born about 1616 in

Bridgeport, Dorchester, England and died August 17, 1729 in Newtown,

Queen County, NY.  He married Rebecca Bailey. She was born about 1629 in

England.  He married Elizabeth "Bess" (Fones) [Winthrop] in August 1649.

Elizabeth, a daughter of Thomas and Anne (Winthrop) Fones, was born

January 21, 1609/10 in Groton Manor, Suffolk, England. She married to

Henry Winthrop April 25, 1629 in England, and one year later Henry set

out for America aboard the "Talbot".  The pregnant Elizabeth was to

follow later with her step-mother-in-law, the governor's third wife (who

was also pregnant at the time). On July 2, 1630, the very day of his

arrival in the New World at Salem, MS, Henry went for a swim at a nearby

Indian village. While making for a boat across the bay he suffered a

severe cramp and drowned in full sight of his friends.

Elizabeth gave birth on May 9, 1630 to a daughter named Martha Johanna.

On  November 2, 1631, she arrived in Massachusetts aboard the Lyon with

her daughter and without a husband.

      The situation did not last for long. Within three months of her

landfall she had met and married Robert Feake (c.1602-c.1662), a

landowner of some means who had arrived with the Winthrop fleet the

prior year. Their union produced five children, including Hannah Feake,

who married John Bowne.

      Robert Feake subsequently went insane as a result of personal,

domestic, and financial troubles. Elizabeth left him for his business

manager, William Hallett. They were eventually recognized as husband and

wife and settled in the New Netherlands colony in what became Halletts

Cove, Long Island. Elizabeth (Fones) [Winthrop] {Feake} Hallett died

about 1656 and William Hallett married Susannah Thorne in April 1674.

She was born in New Town, Long Island, NY.

    William arrived in Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1631 aboard the

"Lyon." He was a business manager for Robert Feake.


Children of Henry and Elizabeth (Fones) Winthrop.

 (Step child of William Hallett)


 12.  (1). Martha Johanna          b.May  9 1630


Known children of Robert and Elizabeth (Fones) [Winthrop] Feake.

 (Step Children of William Hallett.)


13. (1). Hannah

         m. John Bowne


Children of William and Elizabeth (Fones) [Winthrop] {Feake} Hallett.


 14.  (1). William                 b.c.    1648    d. Aug 18 1729

       m. Sarah Wollsey Dec  1 1669

       m. Mary -----

       m. Ruth ------ Feb 1 1692/93


  15.  (2). Samuel                 b.c.    1650    d.  1727

       m. Bridget Blackwell





    William Hallett, a son of William and Elizabeth (Fones) [Winthrop]

{Feake} Hallett, was born about 1648 in NY and died August 18, 1729 in

Newtown, Queens County, NY. His will is dated September 16, 1727 and

Endorsed on August 23,1729.

    He married Sarah Woolsey December 1, 1669 in Queens County. Sarah, a

daughter of George and Rebecca (Cornell) Woolsey, was born August 3,

1650 in Flushing, Queens County and died after 1700. William's second

wife was Mary ---/ He married Ruth ----February 1, 1692/93 in NY.

William Hallett's will:

In the name of God, Amen. I, WILLIAM HALLETT, of Hellgate Neck, in

Newtown, Queens County, being very infirm and weak. I leave to my son

Joseph (my eldest son now living), all my houses, lands, tenements, and

meadows, with all improvements, situate at Hellgate Neck. Beginning at a

great Rock in the valley of the southwest of the Ridge, and ranging from

the rock south easterly 40 Degrees, to a certain marked tree in the

woods, 300 rods. Ranging from the marked tree North easterly along the

Purchase line, 47 Degrees to a stone set in the ground and marked W. H.

on the one side, and S. H. on the other side, 178 rods. Ranging thence

along the fence as it now stands to a stone set in the ground on the

east side of my gate, at the end of the lane by my orchard. Ranging

thence along the orchard 36 rods, thence along the Garden 16 rods. From

thence down to the Purchase line, that comes through Hellgate. From

thence to the mouth of the Great Creek, thence to the little creek, from

thence to the Great Rock, the first station. And he is to have the equal

privilege of the lane with Samuel Hallett; as it is now fenced, from the

stone, by my gate to the water side, so down west to the Purchase line.

Except a certain tract of land and buildings, given to my son, Moses

Hallett, by a deed, June 7, 1708. To him, my son, Joseph Hallett, and

his heirs male, and in default of such, then to my son, George Hallett,

and his heirs male. And in default to my son Richard and his heirs male,

and in default of such to my female heirs, forever. I also leave to my

son Joseph, a negro man, and a negro wench, and a waggon, plough, and my

great riding horse, and a cupboard, and the Great Table and great chest,

and my silver Tankard. I leave to my sons, George and Richard, and to my

grandson, Joseph Hallett, and to my daughters, Sarah Phillips, Rebecca

Jackson, Sarah Blackwell, and Charity Moore, certain negroes. I leave to

my true and loving wife, one third of the remainder of all my movable

estate, and the privilege of the chamber in the stone house, during

widowhood. And my son Joseph is to furnish her sufficient support and

firewood. I leave two thirds of my movables to my five daughters, Sarah

Phillips, Rebecca Jackson, Charity Moore, Mary Blackwell, and Elizabeth

Fish. And my son Joseph is to keep for his mother, four head of cattle,

winter and summer. I leave to my sons, Joseph and George, all my

apparell. I make my wife Mary, and my sons, and James Jackson, and

Samuel Moore, executors.


Dated September 16, 1727.


 Samuel Hallett,

 Samuel Hallett, Jr.,

 Samuel Richards.

(No probate recorded.

Endorsed, August 23, 1729.)


Children of William and Sarah (Woolsey) Hallett.


 16.  (1). William III             b. Dec 10 1670  d.  1708

      m. Ruth ------


 17.  (2). Sarah Elizabeth         b. Mar 19 1672

      m. George Philips


 18.  (3). Rebecca Hallett         b. Aug 31, 1675 d.  1730

      m. James Jackson, Sr


 19.  (4). Joseph                  b. Mar  4 1677

       m. Lydia Blackwell

       M. Mary Lawrence Aug 22 1728


 20.  (5). Moses                   b. Jan 19 1680

       m. Mary Fitch


 21.  (6). George                  b. Apr 25 1683

       m. Priscilla Allen


 22.  (7). Charity                 b. Mar 16 1684

       m. Samuel Moore


 23.  (8). Mary                    b. Oct 22 1687

       m. Jacob Blackwell


 24.  (9). Elizabeth               b.        1689

       m. John Fish


 25. (10). Richard                 b. Nov 17 1691

       m. Amy Browne





    Samuel Hallett, a son of William and Elizabeth (Fones) [Winthrop]

{Feake} Hallett, was born about 1650 and died n Newtown, Queens County,

NY in 1727.  He married Bridget Blackwell. She was born about 1655.

Will of Samue Hallett:

In the name of God, Amen. I, SAMUEL HALLETT, of Newtown, in Queens

County, being sickly and weak. I leave to my daughters, Elizabeth

Jackson, Grace Hewlett, Mercy Cornell, and Martha Hazzard, 2 horses, 2

cows, six yearlings, and 210 pounds which is due to me by the bond of

John French, of NY, and 24 pounds due me from said John French and his

son-in-law, Edward Earle, and also the produce of a certain horse now in

the hands of Edmond Haynes, and all my household goods except a cedar

chest and 4 pounds in the hands of my son, Samuel Hallett. All to be

divided equally between them. I leave to my son Samuel, all the rest of

my estate, real and personal, and he is to pay all debts. And he is to

pay 6 pounds to my granddaughters, Mary Cornell, Hannah Washburn, and

Sarah Hazzard. I make my son Samuel, and my son-in-law, James Hazzard,



Dated October 7, 1716.


Joseph Hallett,

Thomas Jones,

Peter Berrian.

Proved, May 16, 1727.


Children of Samuel and Bridget (Blackwell) Hallett.


 26.  (1). Samuel Jr.              b.       1678


 27.  (2). Elizabeth

       m.  John Jackson Jr.


28. (3). Hannah


29. (4). Grace


30. (5). Mercy


31. (6). Martha





    William Hallett, a son of William and Sarah (Woolsey) Hallett, was

born in NY December 10, 1670 and died in Queens County NY in 1708. He

married Ruth ----. William and Ruth and their five children were killed

by their two slaves in 1708.





Rebecca Hallett, a daughter of William and Sarah (Woolsey) Hallett, was

born at Astoria, Long Island NY August 31, 1675 and died April 12, 1730.

She married James Jackson in 1694.

     James, a son of John and Elizabeth (Seaman) Jackson, was born about

1760 on Long Island and died there October 15, 1735. After Rebecca's

death, James married Abigail ------ in only a few months and was "dealt

with at the monthly

Quaker meeting for being too hastily married to his second wife, Abigail


    On October 31, 1733, when Rhode Island and Massachusetts had a

boundary dispute, they chose Isaac Hicks of Hempstead and James Jackson

of Flushing as referees.  The Rhode Island faction were so "pleased with

their [referees] conduct therein that the Colony (Rhode Island) voted

each of them a silver tankard of value fifty pounds with the Arms of the

Colony handsomely engraved thereon, as an acknowledgment of their

assistance in endeavoring to reconcile and put an end to the dispute

between the two governments."


Children of James and Rebecca (Hallett) Jackson.


 32.  (1). Thomas                  b.Dec  4 1694

         m.Mary Townsend


 33.  (2). Mary                    b.Nov 20 1696

         m.Jacob Willets  Dec 1717

       m. Nathaniel Townsend


 34.  (3). Sarah                   b.Dec 11 1697

         m. Samuel Clement


 35.  (4). Rebecca                 b.Feb 20 1699


 36.  (5). John                    b.Mar  9 1701

         m.Sarah Doty


 37.  (6). Charity                 b.Feb 26 1702

         m. John Dingee


 38.  (7). Elizabeth               b.Mar 20 1703

         m.Nathaniel Field 1725


 39.  (8). James Jr.               b.Jun  4 1704

         m. Sarah Thorn  Feb 10 1726

         m. Mary Thorn


 40.  (9). William                 b.Jul  6 1705    d.May    1760

         m. Anne Dupuy

         m. Prudence Smith


 41. (10). Hannah                  b.Aug  5 1706

         m.Henry Hicks


 42. (11). Martha                  b.Jan 26 1709

         m. William Green


 43. (12). Joseph                  b.Feb  9 1710    d.       1769

         m.Margaret Burgess

         m.Mary Ann Robinson  1737


 44. (13). Richard                 b.Mar 20 1711    d.       1739

      m. Mary Wright


 45. (14). Phebe                   b.May 13 1712

         m.Edward Fitz-Randolph Oct 3 1734

           (b.Sep 5 1706-d.May 26 1750)


 46. (15). Robert                  b.May 16 1713

       m. Sarah Hewlett


 47. (16). Jemima                  b.Nov 25 1714

         m. Henry Hicks


 48. (17). Samuel                  b.Jul 21 1716

         M. Sarah Carpenter


 49. (18). Stephen                 b.Aug 17 1717

         m. Mary Lewis


 50. (19). Benjamin                b.Jul 26 1719






    Joseph Hallett, a son of William and Sarah (Woolsey) Hallett, was

born March 4, 1678/79 in Hellgate, New Town, Long Island, NY. He married

Lydia Blackwell December 23, 1702 in Queens County, NY.  She was born

about 1681.  He married Mary Lawrence August 22, 1728 in Queens County.

She was born about 1707.


Children of Joseph and Lydia (Blackwell) Hallett.


51. (1). Lydia





    Richard Hallett, a son of William and Sarah (Woolsey) Hallett, was

born November 17, 1691 in Newtown, Queens County, NY.  He married Amy

Browne.  She was born in NY.


Known child of Richard and Amy (Browne) Hallett.


52. (1). Joseph




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