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    Robert Harris was born at Glamorgan, Wales and emigrated to

Hanover County, VA between 1650 and 1660.  He is believed to have

been one of four shiploads of emigrants brought to the New World

by a Welsh Baptist preacher.

    Robert married a widow, Mary (Claiborne) Rice, about 1665.

Mary, a daughter of William and Elizabeth (Butler) Claiborne, was

born in Elizabeth City, VA in 1643.  She was the widow of John


    Robert and Mary lived in Hanover County, VA, where Robert was

a large landowner and a colonel in the militia.

    The date and place of Robert and Mary's deaths is unknown.


Known children of Robert and Mary (Claiborne) [Rice] Harris.


  2.  (1). William                 b.       1670   d.before  1733

         m.Temperance Overton  1695





    William Harris, a son of Robert and Mary (Claiborne) [Rice]

Harris, was born in Hanover County, VA in 1670 and died before

1733 in New Kent County, VA.  He married Temperance Overton in

1695.  Temperance, a daughter of William and Elizabeth (Waters)

Overton, was born in New Kent County, VA March 2, 1679 and died

in New Kent County February 19, 1716.

    On January 28, 1706, William was named a road surveyor in New

Kent County.  In 1716 he was named a vestryman in St. Pauls's

parish and in 1721 he was named a church warden.  In October 1724

he was named a vestryman for the new parish of St. Martins in new

Kent County.  He died in New Kent county before 1733.


Children of William and Temperance (Overton) Harris.


  3.  (1). Robert                  b.       1696   d.        1765

         m.Mourning Glenn  Jan 13 1720


  4.  (2). Elizabeth               b.       1698


  5.  (3). George                  b.       1701


  6.  (4). John                    b.       1703

         m.----- Clough


  7.  (5). Benjamin                b.       1705   d.        1765

         m.Sarah Dumas , moved to Louisa County, VA


  8.  (6). William Jr.             b.       1707


  9.  (7). James                   b.       1708

         m.Sarah Crawford


 10.  (8). Jemima                  b.       1709

         m.William Overton


 11.  (9). Edward                  b.       1710

         m.Ann -----


 12. (10). David                   b.       1712






    Robert Harris, a son of William and Temperance (Overton)

Harris, was born in 1696 at Cedar Hill, Hanover County, VA.

He married Mourning Glenn in Hanover County January 13, 1720.

Mourning Glenn is believed to have been a daughter of Christopher

and Anna (tyree) Glenn.  She was born in New Kent County, VA and

died in Albemarle County, VA in 1776.

    Robert was elected to the Virginia House of Burgesses on Nov

1, 1738, on May 11, 1740 and August 1, 1740.  He was named a

major in the Hanover county militia and was again elected to the

House of Burgesses May 6, 1742.  Soon afterward, the family moved

to Louisa County, VA, where Robert was appointed county surveyor

and commissioner of the peace.  In 1752, he was elected sheriff

and was named to the commission of justices in 1753.

    In the autumn of 1752, the family moved to Albermarle Count,

VA, where Robert served in the House of Burgesses from 1752 to

1759.  He died in Albemarle County.  His will was dated June 18,

1765 and proven August 8, 1765.  Mourning (Glenn) Harris died in

Albemarle County in 1776.  Her will was dated May 8, 1775 and

proven in March 1776.


Children of Robert and Mourning (Glenn) Harris.


 13.  (1). Anna                    b.Mar 31 1724   d.after  1770

         m.John Dabney, moved to Bedford County, VA.


 14.  (2). Christopher             b.Feb  3 1725   d.       1794

         m.Mary Dabney Feb 22 1745

         m.Agnes McCord 1762  moved to Madison County, KY.


 15.  (3). Tyree                   b.Apr  8 1728   d.       1786

         m.Elizabeth Chapman

         m.Mary Simpson  Moved to Orange County, NC then to      

           Caswell County, NC


 16.  (4). Mary                    b.Feb 10 1729   d.       1819

         m.James Harris Jr.


 17.  (5). Moruning Glenn          b.Mar 27 1732   d.after  1705

         m.John Jouett


 18.  (6). Lucy                    b.Apr 12 1734

         m.William Sheldon


 19.  (7). Sarah                   b.May 24 1736   d.Jan 31 1803

         m.John Rodes Sep 9 1754


 20.  (8). Robert Jr.              b.Mar  8 1741

         m.Lucretia Dalton  served in the American Revolution


 21.  (9). Rachel                  b.Jun 24 1744

         m.William Dalton


 22. (10). Frances                 b.Jan 27 1746   d.Oct    1788

         m.Joel Crawford  1760  moved to Georgia.


 23. (11). William                 b.Mar 15 1752   d.       1788

         m.----- Mitchell

         m.Mary Thompson




    James Harris, a son of William and Temperance (Overton)

Harris, was born in 1708 in Hanover County, VA.  He married Sarah

Crawford in Hanover County, VA, when they were both 13.  Sarah, a

daughter of David Jr. and Elizabeth (Smith) Crawford, was born

about 1708 in Hanover County and died in Louisa County, VA in


    James moved to Albemarle county, VA after Sarah's death.  The

time and place of his death are unknown.


Children of James and Sarah (Crawford) Harris.


 24.  (1). James Jr.               b.       1722   d.       1792

         m.Mary Harris 1753.






    James Harris Jr. a son of James and Sarah (Crawford) Harris,

was born in Hanover County, VA in 1722.  He Married a first

cousin, Mary Harris, in Hanover County in 1753.  Mary, a daughter

of Robert and Mourning (Glenn) Harris, was born in Hanover County

February 10, 1729 and died in Albermarle County, VA in 1819.

    The family lived in Louisa County VA.  James fough in the

French and Indian War.  After the war, the family moved to

Henrico County, VA, but soon moved to Hanover County where James

was a county constable during the Revolution.  After the

Revolution, they moved to Albemarle county where James died in

1792.  His will is dated February 5, 1792 and was proven in

September 1792.


Children of James Jr. and Mary (Harris) Harris.


 25.  (1). Lucy                    b.       1754

         m.Higgason Grubbs, moved to Madison County, KY.


 26.  (2). Anna                    b.       1756

         m.William Dabney

         m.Anthony Haden


 27.  (3). Thomas                  b.       1758   d.       1815

         m.Susan Dabney


 28.  (4). Joel                    b.Apr 25 1761   d.       1826

         m.Anna Waller


 29.  (5). Mourning                b.       1762

         m.Cornelius Maupin


 30.  (6). Sarah                   b.       1764

         m.James Harrison  Dec 13 1780


 31.  (7). James III               b.Jul  7 1766   d.       1730

         m.Mary McCulloch  Jan 11 1790


 32.  (8). Susanna                 b.       1769

         m.Nicholas Burnley


 33.  (9). Nathan                  b.       1771   d.       1852

         m.Ann (Allen) Anderson, moved to Lexington, KY






    James Harris III, a son of James Jr. and Mary (Harris)

Harris, was born in Hanover County, VA July 7, 1766.  He moved

with his family to Albermarle County, VA where he married Mary

MCCulloch January 11, 1790.  Mary, a daughter of John Jr. and

Mary (Bukey) McCulloch, was born in Ohio County, VA in 1773.  She

moved with her family to Albemarle County after the Revolution.

    The family lived in Albemarle county until 1810, when they

moved to Greenbrier County, VA.  They settled on the Elk River

north of the present site of Sutton, WV.  In 1823, the family

property became part of the new Nicholas County, VA.  James is

believed to have died in 1830.


Children of James III and Mary (McCulloch) Harris.


 34.  (1). Sarah                   b.       1792   d.before 1840

         m.David Frame. Jr.  1811


 35.  (2). Joel                    b.       1794


 36.  (3). Thomas                  b.       1794


 37.  (4). Nathan                  b.       Oct 16 1798

         m.Jane Lowry


 38.  (5). Lucy                    b.       1800


 39.  (6). Virginia                b.       1805


 40.  (7). Adeline                 b.       1809


 41.  (8). James Crawford          b.       1812





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