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                    Sylvia Whittaker and Don Norman




    Jacob Nicola was born about 1780. He married Catherine Willett.


Known children of Jacob and Catherine (Willett) Nicola.


  2.  (1). Jacob Jr.               b.c.     1805

         m.Sarah Cress


  3.  (2). Catherine Willett       b.Aug 28 1809   d.Jul 9 1889

    m.Thomas Jefferson Criss




    Jacob Nicola Jr., a son of Jacob and Catherine (Willett) Nicola, was

born about 1805. He married Sarah Cress. Sarah, a daughter of Jacob and

Susanna (Jeffers) Cress, was born October 01, 1811 in Preston County, VA

(WV), and died in 1871 in Washington County, IA.

     In 1849 Jacob Nicola and Sarah moved to Pennsylvania and after two

years the family moved to Ohio.  In 1854 the family moved to Washington

County, IA.  Their sons Eugene and Colin Nicola went into business

together and became dealers in general merchandise. They owned a

business called Nicola, Cress and Company in Riverside, IA.


Children of Jacob Jr. and Sarah (Cress) Nicola.


  4.  (1). Jacob                   b. Jul 05 1830  d.Nov 18 1914


  5.  (2). Katherine               b. Jul 31 1832  d. May 23 1919


  6.  (3). Henry                   b. Jun 01 1834  d. Jan 24 1929


  7.  (4). Zelmon                  b. Mar 18 1836  d. Oct 25 1929

     m.Mary E. Kinsey


  8.  (5). Marsellus               b. Jan 11 1838  d. Nov 12 1923


  9.  (6). Eugene                  b. Feb 15 1840  d.       1919

     m.Susanna Smith 1861


 10.  (7). Lucinda                 b. Jun 10 1842


 11.  (8). Colin                   b. Nov 04 1844  d. May 27 1925

     m.Sarah Jane Essley 1867


 12.  (9). Amaziah                 b. Jun 03 1848  d. Nov 13 1901


 13. (10). Benjamin                b. Aug 28 1850  d. Aug 27 1927


 14. (11). Boyd                    b. Jul   1854   d. Jul   1854




    Catherine Williett Nicola, a daughter of Jacob and Catherine

(Willett) Nicola, was born August 28, 1809 in Preston County VA (WV) and

died there July 09, 1889. She married  Thomas Jefferson Criss December

31, 1829. Thomas, a son of Jacob and Susanna (Jeffers) Cress, was born

August 11, 1808 in Preston County, VA (WV), and died there August 15,



Children of Thomas Jefferson and Catherine (Nicola ) Criss.


 15.  (1). Jacob Nicola            b.Jul 03, 1830  b.       1908

    m. Lucinda Cale


 16.  (2). Jeremiah                b.Jan 31 1832

    m. Emma J. --------


 17.  (3). Lavina                  b.       1833

               m. Henry Smith

 18.  (4). Emmauel                 b.       1834


 19.  (5). Louisa                  b.       1837


 20.  (6). Suzanna                 b.       1837




     Zelmon Nicola, a son of Jacob Jr. and Sarah (Cress) Nicola, was

born March 18, 1836 in Preston County, (VA) WV, and died October 25,

1929 in Franklin County, OH.  He married Mary E. Kinsey  She was born in



     Zelmon Nicola, Farmer, Sec 19, Riverside, IA was born in VA (WV) in

1836. When he was thirteen years of age his parents moved to PA and

after remaining there for two years went to Wayne County, OH and made

that county their home until 1855. They moved to Riverside, IA.  In 1873

Zelman Nicola moved to his present farm of 105 acres, upon which he had

an orchard and a good comfortable house.  In 1859 he was married to Mary

E. Kinsey. Mary was born in KY in 1838.  Their family consists of four

children: Amos, Benjamin, Charles and Daniel.  Zelman Nicola was a

member of the Advent Church.

Source: History of Washington County, Iowa. Union Historical Company,

1880, Page 675


Children of Zelmon and Mary E. (Kinsey) Nicola.


 21.  (1). Amos


 22.  (2). Benjamin


 23.  (3). Charles


 24.  (4). Daniel





     Eugene Nicola, a son of Jacob Jr. and Sarah (Cress) Nicola, was

born February 15, 1840 in Preston County, (VA) WV, and died 1919. He

married Susanna Smith in 1861. Susanna, a daughter of Christian and

Charlotte (Cress) Smith, was born July 12, 1841 in Preston County,

(VA) WV.


     A history of Washington County IA would be incomplete without

mention of Eugene Nicola who, although now living retired in Riverside,

was for a number of years closely identified with various business

interests in the county. Born in Preston County, VA (WV), on the 15th of

February, 1840, he is a son of Jacob and Sara (Cress) Nicola. The

parents were both natives of WV, where they were reared and married,

coming to Washington County, IA in 1855. They purchased land in Cedar

Township, upon which they resided until their demise, the mother passing

away in 1871, while the father survived until 1875. In their family were

eleven children namely: John C., residing in Minnesota: Katharine, the

widow of Otis James, making her home at Delta, Iowa: Henry, a minister

residing in Battle Creek, Michigan; Zelmon, of Nebraska: Marsellus,

making his home in Louisa County, Iowa: Eugene Nicola, of the review;

Lucinda, deceased; Collin, residing in Washington, Iowa; Amaziah,

deceased; B. W. of Norfolk, Nebraska, and one who died in infancy.

     Eugene Nicola, reared upon his father's farm, was early trained to

the duties of the fields and in the common schools acquired a limited

education. He remained with his father, giving him the benefit of his

services, until he had attained majority, when he purchased four yoke of

oxen and was engaged in breaking prairie land for the period of a year.

He then rented a farm for six years, after which he purchased eighty

acres of the old homestead farm in Cedar township, which he operated for

two years. Selling this property he came to Riverside and for a number

of years was closely identified with the business interests of this

city. Here he erected a store building, in which he conducted a

mercantile business until 1895. He also build, in 1874, the house in

which he now resides. He was associated with the creamery business for

some time and also engaged in poultry business for several years, but

has now lived retired since 1904, enjoying in well earned rest the

fruits of his former toil. Throughout the intervening years he became

identified with real estate interests and is in possession of extensive

realty holdings, being the owner of a brick store building and the opera

house in Kalona, a fine residence and seven lots in Riverside, also

three hundred and eighty four and a half acres of land in Highland and

Iowa townships and three hundred and twenty acres in South  In 1861 Mr.

Nicola was united in marriage to Miss Susan Smith, a native of WV, who

came to this county with her parents in 1857 and was one of ten children

born to Christian and Charlotta (Cress) Smith. The father died in Keokuk

County, Iowa, in 1892, while the mother passed away in 1907, at the ripe

old age of eighty seven years. Unto Mr. and Mrs. Nicola have been born

four children, namely: John H., who was born July 20, 1863, and died

July 4, 1882; Jacob C., residing in Williamsburg, Iowa; Walter E. making

his home in Iowa Township, this county. They are also the grandparents

of four children.

     For several terms Mr. Nicola served on the school board, the cause

of education finding in him a stalwart champion, while in politics he is

a democrat, on which ticket he was elected trustee. Public spirited and

loyal in his citizenship, the people recognizing his ability and true

worth of character, honored him with election to the office of mayor of

Riverside. While serving in the capacity of the city's chief executive,

he bent his energies to the performance of his official duties with

thoroughness and fearlessness, winning for himself the approval and

endorse ment of his fellowmen. He has grained many staunch friends

during his residence in this city and his record is affairs and the

prominent position which he has occupied in this community, are

attributable entirely to his own efforts and labors. (The History of

Washington County IA, p. 587)

     Eugene Nicola was a member of the Riverside Town Council in 1902 &

1903 (Riverside Centennial, 1872-1972, A Scrapbook of Memories, Yours

and Mine, Mrs. Marge Luckey, p83)


Children of Eugene and Susanna (Smith) Nicola.


 25.  (1). John H.                 b.Jul 20 1863   d. July 04, 1882.


 26.  (2). Jacob C.                b.c.     1865

      m. Clara J. Foster  June 17, 1891, Washington County,  IA


 27.  (3). Clarissa A.             b.c.     1866

     m.James E Matthew


 28.  (4). Walter E.               b.c.     1870





     Colin Nicola, a son of Jacob Jr. and Sarah (Cress) Nicola, was born

November 04, 1844 in Preston County, (VA) WV, and died May 27, 1925.  He

married Sarah Jane Essley in 1867 in Washington County,  IA.



     Colin Nicola (of the firm of Nicola, Cress & Company, dealers in

general merchandise), Riverside, was born in VA in 1844; when young he

moved with his parents Jacob Jr. and Sarah (Cress) Nicola, to PA; lived

there for two years, then moved to OH, and after remaining there for a

short time, came to Washington County IA in 1854; here he has developed

into manhood, a farmer, he was married in 1867, to Miss Sarah Essly, a

native of this State and county; she was born in 1848; they have lost

two children: Henry and Alta:  Mrs. Nicola has been a  resident of

the county since 1848; the firm of which Mr. Nicola is a member is a

strong one:  all being good, practical business men, and having a

sufficient amount of capital to carry a good stock of goods.


Children of Colin and Sarah (Essley) Nicola.


 29.  (1). Henry


 30.  (2). Alta




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