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    Nicolaus Rosenberger was born in Germany about 1660. He married

Agnes Hoffer.


Known children of Nicolaus and Agnes (Hoffer) Rosenberger.


  2.  (1). Christoffel             b.mar 31 1683   d.Apr 10 1754

         m.Anna Catherina Ruffer May 15 1715




    Christoffel Rosenberger, a son of Nicolaus and Agnes (Hoffer)

Rosenberger, was born March 31, 1683 in Niederzell Germany. He died in

Niederzell April 10, 1754 and was buried there April 12, 1754.

Christoffel married Anna Catherina Ruffer May 15,1715 in Niederzell

Germany. Anna, a daughter of Balthasar and Anna (Noll) Ruffer, was born

in Hohenzell Germany November 14, 1692 and died April 2, 1767 in

Niederzell Germany.


Children of Christoffel and Anna Catherina (Ruffer) Rosenberger.


  3.  (1). Johannes                b.       1717


  4.  (2). Jacob                   b.       1720


  5.  (3). Erasmus                 b.       1723   d.c.     1794

         m. Anna Catherina (Keifer) Baumgartner 1756


  6.  (4). Johann Christoffel      b.       1727


  7.  (5). Anna Catherina          b.       1731





    Erasmus Rosenberger, a son of Christoffel and Anna Catherine

(Ruffer) Rosenberger, was born November 21, 1723 in Niederzell,

Germany and died about 1794 in Shenandoah County VA.

    Erasmus arrived into the port of Philadelphia on the "Ranier"

September 26 1849 and signed the oath of allegiance to the British king

is his own handwriting (Strassburger and Hinke, PA German Pioneers, Vol

I page 411). By the following year he is recorded as a resident of

Hanover Township Lancaster County PA and already had 100 acres of land

with six of it in corn. (Lancaster County PA Tax lists 1750-Lancaster

County PA). This area later became Dauphin County PA.

    In 1756 Erasmus was married to Anna Catherina (Keifer) Baumgartner

at the Hill Church in Lebanon PA by Rev. Johann Casper Stover, a

reformed minister who served much of the Frontier community, including

VA.  She was most likely the widow of Godfreid Baumgartner of Lebanon.

By the time of his marriage, Erasmus had settled on a 120 acre tract on

the Great Swatara Creek near Kittatany Hills in Hanover Township and

applied for a patent to this land on December 26, 1761. He indicated

that he had lived there for some time but he had been prevented from

applying for the proper warrants and patents earlier because his

property had been ravaged by Indians during the French and Indian

conflict. The records state that they "burnt his house and carried off

or destroyed all of his cattle, stock and goods" (Pennsylvania land

office records Lancaster, Warrant R369) Erasmus received patent to an

adjoining tract of 49 acres in May 1769.

    Anna died by 1770 and Erasmus married Regina -------- about 1771 in

Shenandoah, Berkeley County VA.

    Erasmus and his family moved to VA about 1776 and in that year he

purchased over 300 acres on a branch of Opequon Creek in Berkeley County

(now WV). This is evidenced in Berkeley County Deed book 4 pages 2 and

3. He purchased additional land in Berkeley County in 1785 which he then

sold to his two oldest sons Frederick and John as evidenced in Berkeley

County Deed book 6 pages 395-397.

    Erasmus appears on the personal property tax list of Berkeley County

from the beginning of the Records in 1783 through 1789.

    About this time Erasmus and his family moved again, this time

further south to Shenandoah County and purchased 328 acres a short

distance west of Strasburg from Henry and Rosena Felkner. (Shenandoah

County Deed book G pages 477 - 479) Their neighbors were Philip Peter

Baker to the North, The Brubecks (Erasmus'son Jacob married Elizabeth

"Betsy" Brubeck/Brodbeck) to the west and the Funkhousers to the south.

Erasmus and Regina deeded this land to his sons Anthony and Rudolph in


    Erasmus is listed on the personal property tax lists of Shenandoah

County from 1791 - 1794, and was apparently deceased by the time the tax

lists were drawn up in June 1795. Regina is listed as the "widow

Rosenberger" on a list of communications of the St Paul's Lutheran

Church in Strasburg in October 1798. The ages of the younger sons have

been estimated from appearance in the tax records. The house in which

Erasmus and Regina are reputed to have lived in Shenandoah County still

stands along the north Branch of "Brubecks Run" (Tumbling Run) near St

Stephens church west of Strasburg.



Children of Erasmus and Anna Catherina (Keifer) [Baumgartner]



  8.  (1). Anna Barbara            b.       1758


  9.  (2). Frederick               b.       1760   d.       1835


 10.  (3). John                    b.       1761   d.       1831


 11.  (4). Elizabeth               b.c.     1763   d.c.     1838


 12.  (5). Henry                   b.c.     1765   d.       1847


 13.  (6). Eva                     b.c.     1767


 14.  (7). Erasmus                 b.c.     1768   d.       1838


Children of Erasmus and Regina Rosenberger.


 15.  (1). Anthony                 b.       1771   d.       1853


 16.  (2). Rudolph                 b.       1774   d.       1846


 17.  (3). Michael                 b.c.     1775   d.       1817


 18.  (4). Jacob                   b.c.     1777   d.       1815

         m.Elizabeth Brodbeck Aug 31 1799


 19.  (5). Abraham                 b.c.     1779   d.c.     1847






    Jacob Rosenberger, a son of Erasmus and Regina Rosenberger, was born

about 1777 and died in 1815 in Frederick County VA. He married Elizabeth

Brodbeck August 31, 1799 in Shenandoah County VA. Elizabeth, a daughter

of Johannes and Margaret Brodbeck, was born about 1778 in Shenandoah

County Virginia and died there after 1860.

    Jacob Rosenberger purchased land in Frederick County near Fawcetts

Gap in 1809. He established a flour mill which he operated until his

death a few years later. The "Account of the Personal Estate of Jacob

Rosenberger, deceased" dated April 1815 was recorded in Frederick County

on May 5 1817. In the account were items for "boarding" and "tuition"

for his children and item for "translating Dutch to English" The

appraisement noted a "Number of Dutch Books".

    Jacob died in the Spring of 1815. (Frederick county will book 10

pages 589 - 590). Elizabeth lived as a widow for many years. She was

living with her son William in 1860 at age 84.


Children of Jacob and Elizabeth (Brodbeck) Rosenberger.


 20.  (1). William                 b.       1800   d.       1880

         m.Elizabeth Larrick


 21.  (2). Regina                  b.c.     1801   d.       1878

         m.Henry Clowser Jan 15 1820


 22.  (3). Margaret                b.       1803   d.       1877


 23.  (4). John B.                 b.       1814   d.       1880






    William Rosenberger, a son of Jacob and Elizabeth (Brodbeck)

Rosenberger, was born in 1800 and died in 1880. He married Elizabeth



Known children of William and Elizabeth (Larrick) Rosensberger.


 24.  (1). Jacob

         m.Eliza Milhoan





    Regina Rosenberger, a daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth (Brodbeck)

Rosenberger, was born about 1801 and died August 22, 1878 in Clowser

Gap, Frederick County VA. She married Henry Clowser January 15, 1820.

Henry, a son of Henry and Sarah (Frye) Clowser, was born about 1800 in

Clowser Gap, Frederick County VA and died there October 10, 1870.


Children of Henry and Regina (Rosenberger) Clowser.


 25.  (1). Jacob                   b.       1822   d.       1887


 26.  (2). Henry                   b.       1825


 27.  (3). Mary                    b.       1827   d.       1911


 28.  (4). Rebecca Jane            b.       1829   d.       1920


 29.  (5). Louisa Catherine        b.       1833   d.       1908


 30.  (6). Andrew Jackson          b.       1836   d.Dec 31 1903

         m.Sarah Moss

         m.Sarah Elizabeth Dennison Nov 25 1879


 31.  (7). Martha Ann              b.       1837   d.       1904


 32.  (8). Margaret Virginia       b.       1841


 33.  (9). George Washington       b.       1842   d.       1901


 34. (10). Sidney Frances          b.       1845   d.       1918


 35. (11). Amanda Regina           b.       1848   d.       1911


 36. (12). Harriet Ann             b.c,     1843   d.       1915







    Jacob Rosenberger, a son of William and Elizabeth (Larrick)

Rosensberger, was born about 1830. He married Eliza Milhoan.


Known children of Jacob and Eliza (Milhoan) Rosenberger.


 37.  (1). Gertrude




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Slonaker, Yvonne Stone, email to HCPD