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                              Don Norman




      Walter Skinner was born in Carroll County, MD in 1760. He served in the Maryland Militia during the Revolutionary War. He moved to Prince Wil11am County VA in 1784 and married Salina Ann Davis about 1788. In 1807 they moved to Hacker’s Creek in Harrison County, VA. Walter was still living on Hacker’s Creek in 1833 when he gave a deposition about his Revolutionary War Service. The follwing is excerpted from data in Walter's pension record.

"Walter Skinner, age seventy-three and living in Hacker’s Creek, applied for a pension for his service in the Revolutionary War on the Second Day of November 1833. He personally appeared before Justice of the Peace Samuel Y. Jones in Lewis County and after being sworn according to law under oath made the following declaration:

   “I was born in 1760 in Carroll County. Maryland. In May 1776, I volunteered to serve in the Maryland Militia for six months. served under Captain David Luckette. We marched from Carroll County to Havre de Grace, there we found that the British were in Pennsylvania. We marched back down to a place called Brandywine, where we had a battle. George Washington was assigned there. While at Brandywine I was in a regiment commanded by Colonel Ward, under General Smallwood. During the battle, Colonel Ward’s horse was shot under him and in the accident he was taken out of the battle by General Smallwood riding on the same horse. We marched back to Harve de Grace, where I was discharged in November 1776, for a full six months as a Private."

   "I returned home to Carroll County, in May 1777. I again volunteered in the Maryland Militia under Captain Harrison, in a Battalion under Major McPherson. We marched to Port Tobacco near the Potomac River and kept there watching the British. We saw them fighting the Virginia Militia and burning a home. We tried to cross the river on barges, with a few small cannons we wanted to take their vessels, but we had to return to our side of the river."

   "We stayed on the Maryland side of the Potomac observing the enemy until November 1777. Was then discharged by Captain Harrison because I had served six months."

   In March 1778 I again volunteered in the Militia under Captain S. Bentley. I was marched from Carroll County to the Chesapeake Bay, to a place called Cove Point where we joined a regiment. We marched to several places along the bay, particularly to the mouth of the Patuxent. I continued in this service until September 1778 when I was discharged for my six months of duty."

   "In March 1780 I was called out as a Minute Man. I was marched down to Baltimore, from there to the Patapsco River to the Bay, then to Annapolis and on to the Severn River. I continued in this service until December 1780 when I was discharged."

   "In July 1781, I was ordered out as a Minute Man from Carroll County and again placed in Colonel Campbell’s Regiment. We marched down the Potomac, crossed over to Westmoreland County, Virginia. Thence into Richmond County on to the Rappahannock, into Essex, through King and Queen County into Gloucester County. We remained in the upper end of the county, stationed near the York River until sometime in October where Lord Cornwallis surrendered himself and his army’s Prisoners of War to Generals Washington, Lafayette and Wayne." "We were then sent back to Winchester to guard the prisoners taken at York. I was discharged in November 1781 I served in all during the War of the Revolution two years and eight months at least.”


Children of Walter and Salina Ann (Davis) Skinner.


  2.  (1). William                  b.    1789


  3.  (2). Francis                  b.    1794

           m. Nancy Dennison May 28 1928


  4.  (3). Jane                     b.    1798

           m. Robert Carter Sep 25 1811


  5.  (4). Eleanor “Ellen/Nelly”    b.Mar 11 1799

           m. Anderson Dennison on Mar 12 1818


  6.  (5). John                     b.c.     1802

           m. Mary -----


  7.  (6). Sarah "Sally”            b.       1806

           m. John Dennison Nov 25 1827




        William Skinner, a son ff Walter and Salina Ann (Davis) Skinner, was born in MD about 1789. His spouse is unknown. He is listed in the 1850 Harrison County Va census.


Known children of William Skinner. 


  8.  (1). Sarah                    b.c.  1825


  9.  (2). William                  b.c.  1828


 10.  (3). Eleanor                  b.c.   1831




        Francis Skinner, a son of Walter and Salina Ann (Davis) Skinner, was born in Prince William County VA in 1794. He married Nancy Dennison May 28, 1828 in Harrison County VA. Nancy, a daughter of James Lewis Jr. and Sarah (Greathouse) Dennison, was born in VA bout 1809.


Known children of Francis and Nancy Skinner.


 11.  (1). Lewis S.                b.c.     1829

         m.Eliza S.------


 12.  (2). James                   b.c.     1830

         m.Elizabeth Norman Sep 22 1853


 13.  (3). John                    b.c.     1832


 14.  (4). Sarah A.                b.c.     1834


 15.  (5). Gabriel                 b.c.     1836


 16.  (6). William                 b.c.     1838


 17.  (7). George                  b.c.     1840


 18.  (8). Luther S.               b.c.     1842

         m.Agnes ------


 19.  (9). Charles                 b.c.     1844


 20. (10). Margaret                b.c.     1846


 21. (11). Mary                    b.c.     1849




        Jane Skinner, a daughter of Walter and Salina Ann (Davis) Skinner, was born 1798 in Prince William County VA. She married Robert Carter on September 25, 1811 in Harrison County VA.


Known children of Robert and Jane (Skinner) Carter.


 22.  (1). William Harrison         b. Mar 22 1816


 23.  (2). David M.                 b. Feb 13 1818


 24.  (3). Sarah                    b.        1829


 25.  (4). Eliza                    b.        1831


 26.  (5). Harriet                  b.        1833


 27.  (6). Lemuel                   b.        1835




        Eleanor "Ellen/Nelly" Skinner, a daughter of Walter and Salina Ann (Davis) Skinner, was born in Prince William County Va March 11, 1799. On March 12, 1818 in Harrison County VA, Reverend John Mitchell married Eleanor "Ellen/Nelly" Skinner and Anderson Dennison. Anderson, a son of John and Sarah (Norman) Dennison, was born on January 2, 1795 in Fauquier County, VA.

    Anderson purchased land and built a log cabin on Rush Run, Ten Mile

District. He moved Eleanor and the children to this new home. For many

years, Anderson and other relatives would hold church meetings in their

homes. On August 5, 1871, Anderson and his brothers organized the Ten

Mile Primitive Baptist Church. The church was located at the mouth of

Ten Mile Creek, not too far from Rush Run. Edmund was the first



Children of Anderson and Eleanor (Skinner) Dennison.


 28.  (1). Sarah                   b. Nov  3 1819

         m. David William Law on 9 January 1841


 29.  (2). John Wilson             b. Aug  9 1825

         m. Mary Jane Mathes June 1 1851


 30.  (3). Walter McWhorter        b. Jul 16 1827

         m. Agnes Maxwell Sep 2 1855


 31.  (4). Salina Ann              b. Jan 30 1830

         m. James E. Flanigan April 16 1857


 32.  (5). James D.                b. Jan   1831   d.Oct 13 1854

         m. Massey/Mercy Victoria Maxwell in 1853


 33.  (6). Nancy                   b. Jul  9 1834

         m. Jacob Lough December 20 1868


 34.  (7). Jemima                  b. Jul  4 1837

         m. Thomas P. Williams Jan 7 1858


 35.  (8). Edmund Lewis            b. Nov  2 1839

         m. Elizabeth Morris  16 Sep 1860


 36.  (9) Joshua Smith             b. Mar 20 1842

         m. Malissa Ann Richards

         m. Elizabeth Dorothy Carter  Mar 31 1867




        John Skinner, a son of Walter and Salina Ann (Davis) Skinner, was born about 1802. He married Mary ----. Mary was born in VA about 1805.


Known children of John and Mary Skinner.


 37.  (1). Salina                   b.c.      1825


 38.  (2). Stephen                  b.c.      1826


 39.  (3). Bathsheba                b.c.      1831


 40.  (4). Mary                     b.c.      1833


 41.  (5). Sarah                    b.c.      1835


 42.  (6). Dorothy                  b.c.      1836


 43.  (7). Eleanor                  b.c.      1839


 44.  (8). Tabitha                  b.c.      1841


 45.  (9). Drulana                  b.c.      1844


 46. (10). Walter                   b.c.      1849




        Sarah "Sally" Skinner, a daughter of Walter and Salina Ann (Davis) Skinner, was born in VA about 1806. She married John R. Dennison November 25, 1827 in Harrison County VA. John, a son of John and Sarah (Norman) Dennison, was

born in VA in 1804.


Children of John and Sarah (Skinner) Dennison.


 47.  (1). Thomas Edward            b. Sep 12 1828


 48.  (2). Anderson Bonnett         b.        1830


 49.  (3). Susan                    b. Dec  2 1834:


 50.  (4). Francis Marion "Frank"   b.        1837

         m. Ann Rebecca Groves Aug 19 1860

         m. Margaret Virginia Groves Dec 30 1877


 51.  (5). Rachel                   b.        1839


 52.  (6). Joseph Hartwell          b.        1840


 53.  (7). Cortland                 b.        1842


 54.  (8). John Godfrey             b. Jul 22 1844


 55.  (9). Sarah Ellen              b.        1845


 56. (10). Isiah Allen              b.        1846


 57. (11). Reason Queen             b.        1848


 58. (12). Sauna Ann                b. Oct 6  1850




    Lewis S. Skinner was born in Harrison County VA (WV) about 1829.

He married Eliza S. -----.  Eliza was born in Lewis County VA (WV)

about 1828.

    The family moved to Gilmer County Va (WV) about 1855.


Children of Lewis S. and Eliza S. Skinner.


 59.  (1). David Francis           b.June   1853

         m.Georgeanna Kettle


 60.  (2). James T.                b.c.     1854

         m.Margaret Bush


 61.  (3). John W.                 b.c.     1856

         m.Delila -----


 62.  (4). Nancy T.                b.c.     1857


 63.  (5). George W.               b.c.     1895


 64.  (6). Dexter L.               b.c.     1862


 65.  (7). Mary E.                 b.c.     1867


 66.  (8). Martha                  b.       1870





    James Skinner, a son of Francis and Nancy Skinner, was born in VA

about 1830. He married Elizabeth Norman in Gilmer County VA September

22, 1853. Elizabeth, a daughter of Felix and Mary (Greenleaves) Norman,

was born in Lewis County VA (WV) August 17, 1835 and died October 18,



Children of James and Elizabeth (Norman) Skinner.


 67.  (1). Charles H.              b.       1855

         m.Margaret F. Strother Dec 19 1878


 68.  (2). Peregrine               b.       1858

         m.Harriet A. Hurst


 69.  (3). Mary A.                 b.Jun 12 1872   d.Feb  1 1948

         m.Marion Richard Mitchell




    David Francis Skinner, a son of Lewis S. and Eliza S. Skinner, was

born in Lewis County VA (WV) in June 1853.  He married Geogeanna

Kettle.  Georgeanna was born in Va in August 1860.


Children of David Francis and Georgeanna (Kettle) Skinner.


 70.  (1). William                                 d.young


 71.  (2). Nora                                    d.young


 72.  (3). Alla Josie              b.Aug    1884

         m.----- Carpenter


 73.  (4). Ernest A.


 74.  (5). Minnie Ollie            b.Apr    1888

         m.----- Zinn


 75.  (6). Mabel Esta              b.Jun    1889

         m.----- Davis


 76.  (7). Alma O                  b.Apr    1891

         m.---- Winemiller


 77.  (8). Vergie A                b.Aug    1892

         m.------ Kerns


 78.  (9). Doyle Oscar             b.Jun    1894


 79. (10). Coy Olen                b.Nov    1896


 80. (11). Ruth Arlie              b.Sep 19 1898

         m.Laco Marian Vanhorn Apr 20 1922


 81. (12). Floyd


 82. (13). Hazel Iza

         m.------ Curtis





    Mary A. Skinner, a daughter of James and Elizabeth (Norman) Skinner,

was born in Harrison County WV June 12, 1872 and died in Lewis County WV

Febraury 1, 1948. She married Marion Richard Mitchell. Marion was born

in Lewis County WV June 8, 1875 and died Decebmerr 2, 1920.


Children of Marion Richard and Mary A. (Skinner) Mitchell.


 83.  (1). Ethel James             b.Jul 25 1895   d.Jan  9 1965

         m.Reece Steele

         m.Arnett Heckert


 84.  (2). Martin Charles          b.Feb 16 1897   d.Jul 2 1897


 85.  (3). Marion Basil            b.Oct 23 1904   d.Mar 10 1984

         m.Maude Beatrice Martin Dec  9 1925

         m.Cecelia Cook

         m.Wavie Lou Pritt




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