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                               Don Norman




    John Staggers was born about 1785. He married ----- Maple. The

family lived in Green County PA. They reportedly had five sons and six



Known children of John and ----- (Maple) Staggers.


  2.  (1). Harvey                  b.Aug 24 1822   d.       1894

         m.Alice Shriver




    Harvey Staggers, a son of John and ----- (Maple) Staggers, was born

in Greene County PA August 24, 1822 and died in Monongalia County WV in

1894. He married Alice Shriver. Alice was born in Greene County in 1819

and died in Monongalia County in 1851.

    The family moved from Greene County PA to Monongalia County VA (WV)

in 1847.


Known children of Harvey and Alice (Shriver) Staggers.


 3.  (1). Adam                     b.Jul 31 1844   d.Jun 11 1929

         m.Caroline Virginia Kern





    Adam Staggers, a son of Harvey and Alice (Shriver) Staggers,

was born July 31, 1844 in Greene County, PA, and died June 11, 1929 in

Enid, OK. He married Caroline Virginia Kern in Monongalia County WV

December 24, 1865. Caroline, a daughter of James and Mary (Guseman)

Kern, was born January 21, 1845 in Monongalia County and died February

22, 1928 in Winfield, KS.

    Adam Staggers came to Monongalia County with his parents in 1847.

Adam enlisted in the 17th W.Va. Volunteer Infantry July 1, 1864 and

was mustered out as Sargeant Major July 11, 1865.

    The family moved to Logan county, IL in March 1871. There, in the

district where he resided, he taught school for eleven consecutive

years. In 1882, they settled in Cowley County, KS.


Children of Adam and Caroline (Kern) Staggers.


  4.  (1). George Arthur           b.Sep 04 1866   d.Nov 15 1967

     m. Edith E. ----------- Jan 27 1894


  5.  (2). Charles A.                    b.Feb 1868

         m.Mollie Taylor


  6.  (3). Jessie Lee             b.       1870   d.Jul 01 1943

         m. William H. Burdick Dec 25 1894


  7.  (4). Dorsey Fitch            b.       1873   d.Aug 11 1874


  8.  (5). William M.              b.Jul 17 1875   d.Apr 23 1942


  9.  (6). Mary Alberta            b.Jul 28 1877   d.Dec 11 1950

         m.George Harvey Cole Jan 26 1901


 10.  (7). Shriver Pearl           b.Apr 07 1880   d.May 13 1969

         m.Fleeta So Carpenter Dec 24 1908


 11.  (8). Anna Kline              b.Mar 31 1882   d.Jan 31 1901


 12.  (9). Caroline Hope           b.Dec 23 1884   d.Feb    1974

         m.Donald H. Rowland Jun 26 1907


 13. (10). Henry M.                b.Sep 30 1887   d.Oct    1977

         m. Alva -----  ( Oct 22 1886- Mar 1984)


 14. (11). Hazel Kern              b.Aug 15 1891   d.Oct 05 1988

         m. Cash Martin Chappell Jun 1 1910






     George Arthur Staggers, a son of Adam and Caroline (Kern) Staggers,

was born September 04, 1866 in Monongalia County, WV and died November

15, 1967 in Corpus Christi, TX. He married Edith E. ------ January 27,

1894.  She was born in June 1875 in IL and died in 1956 in Corpus




George Staggers, 100th Birthday (Corpus Christi Caller- 9 -7-1966)

     Born in Morgantown, W. Va., in 1866, Staggers was the son of a

school teacher.  He was 16 when his father took the family to KS, and

when he was 26, Staggers was one of the hundreds of persons who waited

at the starting line at high noon, Sept. 15, 1892, in order to dash for 

a claim in the famous Cherokee Strip land rush in what is now OK.

     Staggers still recalls that he rode 22 miles into the strip before

making his claim at an old abandoned ranch.  And he chuckles when he

mentions a claim jumper who tried to "con" him off the land.

     "I told him to get off," Staggers says, "and he said he'd contest

my claim.  I said we'd settle it right there.  I went down to my camp

and got my six-gun, and when I turned back, he was taking off to the


     Staggers was married Jan. 27, 1894, and he and his wife lived in

Lamont, OK, for many years.  Although he finally sold his property in

the strip to try farming near Littlefield, Texas, Staggers still thinks

of "the claim" near Lamont as his home.

     Mr. and Mrs. Staggers celebrated their golden wedding anniversary

in 1944.  They had eight children.  Mrs. Staggers died in 1956, and

Staggers has lived with his son-in-law and daughter at their home here

at 222 Leming.

     He is a life member of the Littlefield Masonic Lodge No. 1161, and

is a member of the Order of the Eastern Star, Chapter and Council,

Scottish Rite Body and the Order of the Shrine.


Children of George and Edith E. Staggers.


 15.  (1). Kenneth                                 d.       1992


 16.  (2). June

     m. Duane Orr


 17.  (3). Virginia


 18.  (4). Helen A.                b.Apr    1895


 19.  (5). Farnum A.               b.Sep 11 1896   d.Jul 30 1988

         m  Merle ---------


 20.  (6). Elton                   d.Mar 29 1977


 21.  (7). Sherman                 b.Nov    1897


 22.  (8). Elton                   b.Jan 22 1900   d.Aug    1982






    Charles A. Staggers, a son of Adam and Caroline (Kern) Staggers, was

born February 1868 in Monongalia County, WV and died in OK.  He married

Mollie Taylor. Mollie, a daughter of John and Delilah (Martin) Taylor,

was born in January 1873.


Charles Staggers was in the Oklahoma Land Rush of 1893. Purchased claim

to Section SW 3-23-3 (Salt Fork Township) Patented 1902. He moved

to Stillwater for a year will his son Paul Staggers went to college


Children of Charles A. and Mollie (Taylor) Staggers.


 23.  (1). Paul


 24.  (2). LLoyd                                   d.age 14


 25.  (3). Neal                    b.Aug    1898


 26.  (4). Clarence W.             b.Oct  3 1901






    Jessie Lee Staggers, a daughter of Adam and Caroline (Kern)

Staggers, was born in 1870 in Monongalia County, WV and died July 01,

1943 in Winfield, KS.  She married William H. Burdick December 25, 1894. 

He was born 1867 in Winfield, KS and died there September 30, 1934.


Children of William H. and Jessie Lee (Staggers) Burdick.


 27.  (1). Caroline                b.May 22 1901   d.Dec 05 1985


 28.  (2). Elizabeth               b.Feb 17 1903   d.Sep 27 1992

         m. Donald William Bucklin  (Dec 25 1904-Jun 04 1957)






    William M. Staggers, a son of Adam and Caroline (Kern) Staggers, was

born July 17, 1875 in Broadwell, IL and died April 23, 1942 in

Coffeyville, KS. His spouse is unknown.


Children of William M. Staggers.

 29.  (1). Audrey

         m.Harley True


 30.  (2). Son


 31.  (3). Fred L.

         m.Reba ------


 32.  (4). Evelyn Jean






    Mary Alberta Staggers, a daughter of Adam and Caroline (Kern)

Staggers, was born July 28, 1877 in Illinois, and died December 11, 1950

in Winfield, KS. She married George Harvey Cole January 26, 1901.

George, a son of George and Nancy (Ward) Cole, was born October 09, 1871

in WS and died January 10, 1919 in Winfield, KS.


Obituary - George Harvey Cole-January 10, 1919

     Mrs. N. Jennie Cole and Miss Phebie Cole, together with W. H. Cole

and wife and family, went to Winfield last Friday in response to a

message received that morning, conveying the sad news that G. H. Cole,

who lived north of that city, had died that morning.  At first the

relatives supposed that death had been caused by the influenza or its

complications, but upon reaching Winfield it was learned that his death

had been caused by the accidental discharge of a shotgun, which he had

borrowed from a neighbor.

     Last spring, Mr. Cole set out a fine young orchard and during the

recent cold spell the rabbits, deprived of other sources of food supply,

were badly damaging his young trees by gnawing them. So to protect the

trees from total destruction Mr. Cole borrowed a 12-gage shotgun from a

neighbor with the hopes that its continued use would rid him of the

pests.  Friday morning he took the gun from the house with the remark

that he would hunt rabbits as he went to the pasture for the horses.  In

a short time the family heard a shot and one of the small sons, who at

the time was getting ready for school, made the remark that "Daddy had

got another rabbit."

 Shortly after that a neighbor came in and inquired for Mr. Cole and was

told that he had gone to the pasture for the horses and after chatting

for a short time, started out to find him.  His route led him past the

workshop and as the door stood open, it was but natural that he should

glance in and he was horrified to discover Mr. Cole lying lifeless upon

the floor.  The Coroner was at once brought to the scene and a verdict

arrived at was that the unfortunate man had tripped over a piece of

heavy wire near the door and had fallen.  In some manner, the gun was

discharged and the charges striking just above the right eye, claimed

its victim instantly.

     Mr. Cole was 47 years of age and was the oldest son of George S.

and Jennie Cole.  He was born in Wisconsin and at the age of five years,

came to Kansas with his parents.  His entire life was spent upon a farm

and the splendid condition of things around his premises clearly

indicated the thoroughness in which he did his work.  If a neighbor was

in sickness or other distress no weather was too severe to prevent him

from going to their assistance.  By his untimely death the family is

deprived of a loving husband and father and the community loses an

honorable, progressive American citizen, whose place in their affairs

can never be replaced.  He is survived by his wife, two sons, Harold and

Ward, aged 13 and 10 years, two daughters, Marjorie, aged 4 and Ruth,

aged 15 months, his mother, Mrs. N. Jennie Cole, of Cedar Vale, W. H.

and Miss Phebie, of the same place, Everett V., of Minco, Okla., Mrs. A.

E. Benn, of Cut Bank, Mont and Mrs. I.C. Foster, of Patagonia, AZ.


Notes of Ward M. Cole on his father's funeral

     The funeral was in January and there was a lot of snow on the

ground.  The funeral was held in the front room of the home.  Due to the

depth of the snow, the gas powered hearse couldn't make it so they used

a horse drawn hearse.  One thing that Ward remembered (he was 10 at the

time) is that one of the wagon wheels had a broken spoke.

     When they got to the cemetery and it was time to lower the casket

they discovered that they had forgotten the ropes used for that purpose.

They thereupon removed the straps from the horses and used them to lower

the casket into the ground.


Children of George Harvey and Mary Alberta (Staggers) Cole.


 33.  (1). Harold Spencer          b.Dec 04 1905   d.Jul 09 1977

         m. Ellen O. Kirby  1929


 34.  (2). Marjorie Ethel          b.Jul 24 1915   d.Jun 24 1967


 35.  (3). Ruth


 36.  (4). Ward M.






    Shriver Pearl Staggers, a son of Adam and Caroline (Kern) Staggers,

was born April 07, 1880 in Elkhart, IL and died May 13, 1969 in

Winfield, KS.  He married Fleeta Soe Carpenter December 24, 1908.

Fleeta, a daughter of J. and Sarah (Jones) Carpenter, was born July 17,

1889 in Shelby County, IL and died August 05, 1963 in Wichita, KS.


Children of Shriver Pearl and Fleeta Soe (Carpenter) Staggers.


 37.  (1). Frances

         m. ------ Saffle


 38.  (2). Mildred                

         m.Ykls J. Lassiter April 19, 1937


 39.  (3). Zella

         m.Ralph Brady


 40.  (4). Irma Delia              b.Mar 16 1910   d.Jul 05 1913







    Caroline Hope Staggers, a daughter of Adam and Caroline (Kern)

Staggers, was born December 23, 1884 in IL and died in February 1974 in

Fort Smith, AR.  She married Donald H. Rowland June 26, 1907 in

Winfield, KS.  He died about 1965.


Children of Donald H. and Caroline Hope (Staggers) Rowland.


 41.  (1). Betty                                   d.Jan 08 1988

         m. Joseph Davids (Sep 21 1916-Sep 11 1992)


 42.  (2). Jack

         m.Connie -----





    Hazel Kern Staggers, a daughter of Adam and Caroline (Kern)

Staggers, was born August 15, 1891 in Winfield, KS and died October 05,

1988 in Decatur, IL.  She married Cash Martin Chappell June 01,

1910.  He was born January 01, 1888 in Winfield, KS and died November

05, 1951 in Kirksville, MO.



Obituary of Hazel Kern Chappell - October 1988

     Hazel Kern Chappell, 97, chief juvenile probation officer in Macon

County for 32 years, died 11;30 P.M. Wednesday (October., 5, 1988) in

Decatur Memorial Hospital.

     Services will be 1 P.M. Saturday in Grace United Methodist Church.

visitation will be 5 to 8 P.M. Friday in Dawson & Wikoff West Wood

Street Funeral Home.  Arrangements are by Ater Memorial Home, Blue

Mound. BurIAl will be in Graceland Cemetery.

     Mrs. Chappel was born in Winfield, KS., daughter of Adam and

Caroline Virginia Kern Staggers.  She married C. M. Chappell in 1910. 

He died in 1951.

     Mrs. Chappell retired as probation officer in 1971.  She got the

job in 1939, one of 40 applicants.  Her husband was ill at the time. 

There were five children to provide for.  She had been working in the

Decatur township relief office.

     On her application she noted; "When my husband gets better, if

someone else needs the job I'll be glad to resign."

     She stayed on because she said it wasn't just a "job," it was a

continuing love for the children who came under her supervision.  She

estimated she was involved in court cases with at least 6,000 children

in adoptions, dependency or delinquency.

 "Statistics are necessary for accurate records," she conceded, "but

when I'm working with a child, he is a person and not just a set of

facts set down on paper."

     Her work habits were energetic.  In the corridors of the Macon

County Building, her pace was closer to run than a walk.

     She was involved with children off the job, too.  She helped

organize the Garfield School Parent-Teacher Association, worked in the

Roosevelt Junior High School PTA, was president of the Decatur High

School PTA and taught a Sunday School class at Grace United Methodist


    "My main interest is to live very close to my children in school,

church and community life," she once said.  "I have never regarded the

children as a burden but rather a privilege to being a parent and I hope

I have not failed them."

     She listed her hobbies as singing, cooking, keeping house,

knitting, collecting bone china cups and saucers.


Children of Cash Martin and Hazel Virginia (Staggers) Chappell.


 43.  (1). Geraldine Virginia      b.Apr 24 1911   d.Dec 24 1997


 44.  (2). Rex Lavere              b.Nov 17 1917   d.       1945

         m. Eleanor Allsup September 01, 1940


 45.  (3). Scott Cornell           b.Jan 14 1923   d.Jan 0, 1988

         m. Marilyn Ritter January 10, 1948




Whittaker, Sylvia and Don Norman, "Descendants of Michael Kern"

Whittaker, Sylvia, "Descendants of Michael Criss"