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    Christian Straley, a son of John Straley, was born in Stattgarst,

Germany September 21, 1742 and died in Lewis County VA (WV) August 14,

1818.  He arrived in New York aboard the ship "Speedwell" in company

with his parents in 1758.

    He married Christina Lantz.  Christina, a daughter of Jacob and

Catherine Lantz, was born in NJ March 23, 1748.

    Christian served the Colonies in the American Revolution as a

private in Isaac Cooper's 8th Co 5th Battalion of the Philadelphia

City Militia.


Known children of Christian and Christina (Lantz) Straley.


  2.  (1). George                  b.c.     1770   d. Aug  9 1846

         m. Elizabeth Bonnett Mar 23 1796 Harrison County VA (WV)

         m. Margaret Roby Nov 1828 Lewis County VA (WV)




    George Straley, a son of Christian and Christina (Lantz) Straley,

was born about 1770 and died in Lewis County VA August 9, 1846.  He

married Elizabeth Bonnett in Harrison County VA March 23, 1796.

Elizabeth, a daughter of Samuel and Mary Elizabeth (Lorentz) Bonnett,

was born in 1784 and died in Lewis County in December 19, 1824 in Lewis County VA (WV).

      George married Margaret Roby in Lewis County in November 1828. Margaret, a daughter of Elkanah and  Charlotte (Barnett) Roby, was born in VA abut 1801 and died after 1880 in Lewis County WV.

   Three tracts of land, owned jointly by George and his brother Joseph, were purchased by them from their parents, Christian and Christina (Lantz) Straley, for the sum $800 on 13 April 1818 as recorded in Deed Book A, pages 161-163, in Lewis County. The three tracts totaled 579 acres; however, in the land tax records, they are taxed for tracts of 400 acres, 39 acres, and 171 acres for a total acreage of 600 acres.

   The land transfer occurred shortly before Christian's death. These three tracts, as proven by a later deed, included the Harmony Methodist Church properly. The church deed was recorded in Deed Book C, page 318, in Lewis County, West Virginia:

     'This Indenture made in the year of our Lord one thousand & eight hundred & twenty six Between George Straley and Joseph Straley of the county of Lewis and State of Virginia of the one part and George Cookman, Jacob Hardman, Peter Switzer and William Mitchell,  Trustees Elected for the Methodists and their friends Witnesseth that for and in consideration of one dollar to them in hand paid the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged have granted Bargained, and hold and by these presents do grant bargain and sell to the Methodist and their friends and to the said Trustees in trust for their particular use and benefit and none other only they shall please to dispose of a certain tract or parcel of land on Hacker’s Creek in the County and State aforesaid adjoining Lands of the said George & Joseph Straley running thus or North 44 degrees East 20 poles to two white oaks North 44 west 12 poles to two Beeches thence North 44 East 20 poles to a stake near the road thence South 44 West twelve poles to the Beginning including a house for public worship known by the name of the Harmony meeting house with all its appurtenances from the said George & Joseph Straley and their heirs forever and to them the Trustees with the above mentioned Methodists and their heirs forever for a Burial yard and a house of public worship and none other purpose and the said George & Joseph STRALEY do covenant and agree with the aforementioned parties that they alien the said Tract from them and their heirs and will warrant and defend from them and their heirs and other powers claiming under them - In Witness whereof we the said George & Joseph STRALEY have hereunto set our hands and affixed our seals this fourth day of April in the year of our Lord first above written.

George Straley

Joseph Straley


     On July 29, 1846 George Straley, apparently in ill health and fearful that the children by his first wife might not carry out his wishes pertaining to forty five acres he had received from his first wife, prepared for death by writing his will which is recorded in Will Book B, page 52, in the Lewis County Courthouse. It read:

   'I George Straley of Lewis County and State of Virginia do hereby make my last will and testament in manner and form following that is to say 1st I desire that all the perishable part of my estate be immediately sold after my decease and out of the monies accruing there from all my Just debts and funeral expenses be paid.

   2d I give to my children Joseph Straley, Samuel Straley, Elizabeth Waggoner, Christina Wolf, George Straley, Stephen Straley, Nicholas Straley, Jacob Straley, Susanah Straley, Mary Waggoner, Hannah Edmond & Nancy King a tract of Land on Hacker’s Creek in the County of Lewis Containing three hundred acres known as my old place or farm to each an equal shareare to be divided among them or disposed of as they may severally think proper to them and their heirs forever.

   3d After the payment of my Just debts and funeral expenses I give to my Wife Margaret Straley all the balance of my estate both real and personal for and during the time of her natural life and after her decease I give the Same to my Children herein after mentioned to be equally divided among them and to be enjoyed by them their heirs forever namely Asa Kemper Straley, Julia Ann Straley, Lucretia Straley and David Benton Straley, the above to be given to my Wife to be in Lieu of her dower interest in my estate.

   To my son John Straley I have heretofore made an advance in Land which I intend to be his share of my estate and when I have heretofore sold to Nicholas Alkire a tract of land on the east side of Hacker’s Creek supposed to Contain forty-five acres which tract of Land descended to my first wife and in which I have an estate for life - a tenant by???? and being desirous that the sale to the said Alkire shall be perfected by a conveyance of the Said land in fee simple to the said Alkire,

   It is my Will that the heirs of my first wife to whom the same will descend on my decease do make said conveyance to said Alkire and to insure the same I do hereby declare that the bequest to them herein before made of three hundred acres of Land shall remain suspended until the same be done and that the said tract of the three hundred acres of land remain charged and subjected to the claim of the said Alkire to whom I stand bound to warrant the title of the said forty five acres tract until he shall be quited in his possession and tifie to the said forty five acres or otherwise fully indemnified in the promises.

   Lastly I do hereby constitute and appoint my friend William Morrison my executor of this my last will and testament hereby revoking all other Wills or testaments by me heretofore made.

In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal

this 29th day of July 1846.  

George STRALEY (seal)

   The forgoing signed, sealed, publish and declared by George STRALEY as and for his last Will and testament in presence and hearing of us who at his request, and in his presence have subscribed our names as witnesses


George W. SWISHER Lewis County Court Sept 14 1846


   This last will and testament of George Straley deceased was this day presented in Open Court and proven by the oaths of James Bennett and Jonathan Hacker two of the subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be continued for further proof

   And on the 15th Sept 1846 The last Will and testament of George Straley deceased was again presented in open court and fully proven by the Oath of George W. SWISHER and ordered to be recorded.


Teste John MORROW Clerk


   George's property was inventoried on October 22, 1846. He owned a pair of bays and a gray horse, five cows, twenty-five pigs and sixteen sheep. There were the usual hay stacks and farm machinery and tools, several lots of planks (lumber), a loom, spinning wheels, cupboards, kettles, delph, tin and pewter ware, blankets, bedsteads, an old chest, a table and six chairs, a writing desk and five chairs, one "old gun," a lot of eight guns, and "4 Guns at the old place."


Children of George and Elizabeth (Bonnett) Straley.


  3.  (1). John Edmond              b. Nov 27 1797

          m. Sarah Magnet Apr 24 1821 Ross County OH (Feb 18 1803-Aug 2 1839)


  4.  (2). Elizabeth               b.c.     1798   d.       1864

         m.Paul Waggoner Jan 10 1821


  5.  (3). Samuel                   b.      1800    d. Feb  1882

         m. Susannah Creamer Mar 31 1825 Fayette Co. OH (Nov 17 1802-Dec 18 1856

         m. Armentha Redding


  6.  (4). George “Rush”            b.      1802

         m. Ruth Chapman Mar 7 1826 Lewis County VA


  7.  (5). Christina                b.      1802      d.    1895 

         m. James Robert Wolf Aug 20 1841 Lewis County (Apr 12 1788-Feb 12 1858)


  8.  (6). Mary                    b.Dec 27 1804   d.Aug 30 1882

         m.Elijah Waggoner Mar 16 1830


  9.  (7). Stephen                  b. Feb 4 1806     d. Jul 6 1885

         m. Mary Alkire Mar 13 1834 Lewis County (May 22 1815-


 10.  (8). Nancy                    b.       1812

         m. Cornelius King Jan 12 1837 Lewis Co. (1815-Feb 21 1862

 11.  (9). Nicholas                 b.       1813

         m. Sarah McWhorter Oct 5 1836 Harrison Co. (Aug 14 1817-Oct 221850

         m. Catherine J. Funkhouse Mar 2 1851 in Lewis Co,


 12. (10). Hannah                   b.       1815     d. Aug 26 1858

         m. John Edmonds Nov 24 1836 Lewis Co,


 13. (11). Jacob                    b. Sep   1816     d. Oct 27 1886

         m. Catherine Ann Freeman Aug 23 Lewis Co. (May 16 1823-Mar 19000


 14. (12). Susannah                 b.       1818

         m. Thomas Gideon Batten Dec 22 1850

         m. Henry Stannard


Children of George and Margaret (Roby) Straley .


 15.  (1). Asa Kemper               b. Sep 10 1829    d. Apr 6 1907

         m. Louisa Eliza Horner Oct 20 1853 Lewis


 16.  (2). Penwood                  b. Jun 10 1831    d. B4 1840


 17.  (3). Presley H.               b. Apr  4 1833    d. B4 1840


 18.  (4). Julia Ann                b. Feb 17 1835    d. Apr 18 1864

         m. William Moore Apr 21 1859 in Lewis Co


 19.  (5). Lucretia                 b. Dec 13 1837    d. Sep 9 1907

         m. William P. Hacker Jun 16 1853 Lewis Co


 20.  (6). David Benton             b. Jul 6 1842     d. Sep 19 1864

         Killed in Civil war




    Jacob Straley, a son of George and Elizabeth (Bonnett) Straley,

was born in 1816.  He married Catherine Ann Freeman.


Known children of Jacob and Catherine Ann (Freeman) Straley.


 21.  (1). George Presley          b.       1840   d.Jul    1919

         m.Lucy Mildred Grimsley Apr 24 1862


 22.  (2). Stephen Albert          b.c.     1842

         m.Frances Elizabeth Kemper


 23.  (3). William A.              b.c.     1844


 24.  (4). Lafayette H.            b.c.     1846


 25.  (5). Francis M.              b.c.     1847


 26.  (6). Mary S.                 b.c.     1848


 27.  (7). james E.                b.c.     1852


 28.  (8). Jacob L.C.              b.c.     1856


 29.  (9). John H.                 b.c.     1858


 30. (10). Rosamand                b.c.     1860


 31. (11). Peter M.L.              b.c      1867





    George Presley Straley, a son of Jacob and Catherine Ann (Freeman)

Straley, was born in Lewis County VA (WV), in 1840 and died in Roane

County WV in July 1919.

    He married Lucy Mildred Grimsley April 24, 1862.  Lucy was born

about 1842 and died in 1892.

    George served the Union in the Civil War, enlisting September 15,


    George and five of his children moved to Roane County WV in 1902.


Known children of George Presley and Lucy Mildred (Grimsley) Straley.


 32.  (1). Jacob                    b.c.  1865


 33.  (2). Mary A.                  b.c.  1867


 34.  (3). Laca                     b.c. 1869


 35. (4). Edward M.                b.c.     1882   d.Jun    1913

         m. Lillie Walker  Oct 20 1907






    Stephen Albert Straley, a son of Jacob and Catherine Ann (Freeman)

Straley, was born in Lewis County VA (WV) about 1842.  He married

Frances Elizabeth Kemper. Frances, a daughter of Reuben Allen and

Roasmond E.A. Kemper, was born in Lewis County about 1846.


Known children of Stephen Albert and Frances Elizabeth (Kemper) Straley.


 36.  (1). Thomas Lee              b.c.     1885   d.       1965

         m.Alice Anna McQueen Jul 21 1912





    Edward M. Straley, a son of George Presley and Lucy Mildred

(Grimsley) Straley, was born in Lewis County WV about 1882 and died in

Roane County WV in June 1913.  He married Lillie Walker October 20,

1907.  Lillie, a daughter of James W. and Sarah Columbia (Bartlett)

Walker, was born about 1887 and died in 1949.


Children of Edward M. and Lillie (Walker) Straley.


 37.  (1). J. Bryan                b.       1908

         m.Hazel Clark


 38.  (2). Pauline                 b.       1911

         m.Argle Henthorn





      Thomas Lee Straley, a son of Stephen Albert and Frances Elizabeth (Kemper) Straley, was born in Lewis County WV in 1885 and died there in 1965. He married Alice Anna McQueen in Braxton County WV July 21, 1912. Alice, a daughter of Charles Arthur and Ethetta Mildred (Tinnel) McQueen, was born February 25, 1887 in Braxton County WV and died in Upshur County WV December 5, 1979.


Known children of Thomas Lee and Alice Anna (McQueen) Straley.


39. (1). May

         m. Charles White




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