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      John Yost was born in Germany about 1752 and died in Monongalia County VA (WV)about 1817. He arrived in America about 1773. He married Catherine (Snuiche) Snook. Catherine probably died in Monongalia County VA (WV) befoe 1810. They were living in Newton Township, Sussex County NJ in 1774. Catherine may have been a daughter of John Snuiche who lived in Newton Township.

      In August 1775, John enlisted in Captain John Lowdon’s Company, apparently for six months service, marched to Cambridge and participate in the siege of Boston. In March 1776, he was stationed on Long Island. In May or June of 1776, he reenlisted in Captain Lowdon’s Company. He reenlisted in the company again in July 1776, now commanded by Catpain James Parr and served in the rear guard the covered the Army’s retreat from Long Island.

      Catherine ha apparently been a camp follower until December 1776, she left the army and gave birth to John Yost Jr. near Trenton, NJ.

      In June 1777 John, was assigned to Colonel Morgan’s rifle battalion with the Parr Company. They were dispatch to the northern department Augsut 16, 1777 and returned to the main army near Philadelphia on October 7, 1777. John served inthree campaigns against the Indians in 1778 and 1779. The rifle battalion was dissolved in October 1779 and John was furloughed until August 1780, when he retuned to service in the PA line. He was furloughed June 11, 1783 and joined his family in Maryland. He received his final discharge August 15, 1783. In 1789, the family6 moved to Monongalia County VA (WV) from PA.


Children of John and Catherine (Snook) Yost.


  2.  (1). John Jr.                       b. Dec     1776


  3.  (2). Peter                          b.         1778   d. Jun 30 1850


  4.  (3). Elizabeth                      b.c.       1780


  5.  (4). Jacob                          b.c.       1785


  6.  (5). Henry                          b.c.       1787   d.c.      1845


  7.  (6). David                          b.c.       1788


  8.  (7). Aaron                          b. Jul 3 1791




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